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    Thank you VERY much.
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    Looks interesting, there will custom content in project dollhouse?
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    No idea..?
    These are rare pet breeds that were already in the game. The cheetah, tiger, afghan and saint bernard were there original rare pets, they added there robot dog & cat, pink poodle and purple turkish in 2003. After the release of the 2003 rare pets, the afghan and cheetah became more common. I can't quote all city values but at peak, in Mount Fuji, the pink poodle and purple (nice), after the nice/mean pet patch, sold for 25 million and up.. The nice/mean patch was the worst idea ever IMO, pulling a super rare and petting it just to find out it bites you was no fun. This was non reversible and opened doors for "crate switching" scams. The values were highly different, in super rare pet cases, up to a 15 million simoleons difference.
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    WOW. I remember towards the end of my TSO "career," I was really into rare pets. Which was strange for me because I had no interest in pets for the majority of my time in the game... Prolly because I spent more time out of my sim house then in it. But I remember I pulled a tiger, afgan, bernie, cheetah, and robocat. I was given a purple turkish from a friend who was quitting, and that thing was my pride and joy.

    I will NEVER forget when some chick came into my money house (my friend owned it, I was a roomie), and she saw my turk out and said, "OMG I HAVE BEEN WANTING ONE OF THOSE SOOOOO BAD!" and promptly walked over to it (while I was playing with it), picked it up and asked me if she could have it. I said "lol no, sorry she is my favorite. She was given to me by a friend who has left the game." She continued to beg me and I continued to tell her no. Meanwhile, my friend (the home owner) was sending me private messages laughing her friggen ass off because she could tell I was getting upset. She put the cat down and walked to a jam station. She didn't stay there long. Before she finished a case of jams, she walked back over to my turk cat, picked her up and suddenly ported to her house.

    Now, I knew better than to think that she could honestly steal the cat that way, but for just one second I freaked out thinking it MIGHT be possible. Uni (the home owner) saw this as well and pmed me "Aphro... did she just..." (my sim name was Aphrodite) and I lost it. "OMG UNI THAT B*TCH JUST TRIED TO STEAL MY CAT OMG SHE CANNOT COME BACK EVER!" I reopened the cat crate just to make sure it wasn't actually stolen or glitched out from what that crazy chick did lol. The cat came right out and my temper immediately died down.

    But she did come right back into the lot and acted like everything was fine. Uni begged me not to ball her out, but I wasn't quite calm yet. I promptly let out all of my rares and let her sit there and look at them whilst making her jams.

    I look back at this moment fondly now though, so I can thank her for that! haha, I'll never forget it!

    I miss this game!
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    That's weird, the leave lot interaction should make you drop everything you're holding so that objects don't get incinerated :p I guess they just forgot to check that case...
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    Incinerated... not sure if joking or for serious.... haha but actually yes it was strange that she did not put the cat down. But I was watching her like a hawk and I distinctly remember seeing her sim blink a couple times with the cat in her arms before she disappeared completely.
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    o_O Why do objects even get incinerated... That shouldn't happen because - well, we don't want objects going, especially if they are rare or worth a lot...
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    i have all converted TSO rare pets skins and them are works at TS1,if you want to get them i will upload
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    Hello there?
    There are different ones in TSO?
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    Robot cat/dog is TSO specific. Pink poodle might be, the other ones in OP might be, I'm not sure.
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    seems no different as an pets
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    convert by peter9g
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    Pink poodle in EP5 of TS1
    Purple Rurkish、Tiger 、Sanit Bernard 、 Afgan Hound are TSO specific also
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    I'm trying to gather a bunch of TSO things for my Sims 1 game, and I would LOVE to have all of the rare pets, especially the St. Bernard, Afghan, and robot pets. I have the skins for the robots that I picked up somewhere, but they're not working in my game, so if you have good ones, I would love to have them.

    Do you know anything about getting objects and skins? I have found some things scattered here and there, but I was wondering if anywhere/one has a comprehensive list.
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    I think I would need the Jack Russel too, since it looks different.
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    I have a few suggestions for you...

    I have all of the rare pet skins in my Sims 1 game, along with several other TSO items (TSO sim skins, money objects, etc.). I downloaded them off of CTO Sims. You have to create a free account on the website to download the items, but that was easy enough to do. HOWEVER, at this moment, the site is down. This seems new, because I visited this site not too long ago. They say that they are working on it. Here is a link-- I hope it is back up for you soon as the site is truly a great resource for sim CC content, and the biggest TSO CC content site I have found: http://www.ctosims.com/component/users/?view=login Just keep checking back, or join their FB group for the update--it's worth it, it has exactly what you're looking for :)

    This site has MANY TSO objects, but no skins I'm afraid. Check out the categories under "The Sims Objects" and you'll find many goodies, including the ambient sounds that TSO lots could have: http://www.oddsim.com/the_sims_objects/miscellaneous.html

    This site has a few TSO conversions as well, but not many (mainly the bunk beds and a few sim skins): http://www.atelierquebec.ca/origami/home.html

    A few TSO objects: http://www.starrfoxx.frih.org/TSO/tsomemorial.htm

    If you're looking for a unique pet skin, here is a new one-- it's a Shiba Inu. The site is not in English, but just click on the picture to download them if you're interested. They're really cute! : http://apollo.vis.ne.jp/03_pet4.html
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    here are all TSO specific pets for TS1 version of my collection

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    That's why they're dropped when you leave a lot. At least in TSO that was the case (and I'm sure it's giong to be patched in eventually). Because the object is unique to the lot so when you leave the lot then it has no where to go. You arrive empty handed (literally) when you go to a different lot.
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    Right now when you delete a container object, it's containee is dropped to the floor. In future people will have special handling to run the "leave lot" tree to animate this process, at least before it has to force it.

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