REbustin' Out (The Sims BO Online PS2 Implementation)

Discussion in 'Other TSO related projects' started by camjam1995, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Strangely enough, I'm more excited about this than I am about Freeso... :oops:
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    Maybe because you don't know how the game looked like. (Me too.)
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    It has been put on hold for a bit. There was a server failure and some of our content has been lost, but the server is still going to be developed. Luckily nothing major was lost, but its put us back about two months. :(
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    if you have a PS2 network adapter,that it can works at FAT ps2 also
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  6. francot514

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    I also want to see this game multiplayer working again, was interesting game version for be console port.
  7. zero35

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    but i warn you Bustin Out's disc reading speed will make you crazy unless you use HDLoader or OpenPS2Loader,or you want waste your laser :p
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  8. francot514

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    I dont have ps2 anymore, just have tried to get game with emulator to remember the gameplay...
  9. zero35

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    PCSX2,long time i not use emulator,since a few years ago i buy a PS2 for play Super Robot Taisen series...
  10. Clankr

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    Any news?
  11. Please make this happen, this sounds great. :D
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    This is interesting to know
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    I knew it was You camjam from OBSRV ,Welcome...:):)

    What a news for the TSO Online fans (including me) !! Cant wait ,The sims BO was my favorite the sims in PS2 & I've never had the chance to play it online......

    Keep up the good work:):)
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  14. camjam1995

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    Hi everyone! I have NEWS!!!!!!! :)
    The Sims Bustin Out online is coming along nicely. Estimated about 93% complete. We are ALMOST open to accepting beta testers, but not yet. Now, I want to tell you all why we haven't updated:
    We received a letter from Electronic Arts to shut the project down.

    However, we appealed it. I can't say much, but due to my prior history working in game development with Insomniac Games (and for a short 3 months, Boxer8 Ouya), I amassed a few friends in the industry and was able to talk to some people in charge at EA themselves. They have given us permission to go ahead with the project under the following conditions:
    1. Absolutely NO code can be released. Nada. Not a piece. Not a byte. Nothing. All the code is required to remain on the official server that we end up hosting. This brings up the next thing.
    2. If we open a second server, release the code, or someone obtains the code by either hacking, packet captures, etc, EA will shut us down. So PLEASE, please, once we open, do *not* attempt to capture packets. Jacob has developed a security protocol that will detect packet snooping and anyone caught will be permabanned by IP without warning. This is a very sensitive project.
    3. It has to be free with no ads. Obviously, this was going to happen anyways, but we also cannot accept donations of any kind.
    4. Absolutely no illegal discs can be accepted. Due to Sony shutting down DNAS, You need to rip your disc, apply a patch to bypass this DNAS, then set your DNS to our server, then burn your new disc. This is perfectly legal as long as you don't burn it then sell the original copy/give it away. Due to this, unfortunately, we also have to make a new step to register. Under the official Sims Bustin Out PS2 disc, on the rim of the disc, on the hole, there is a code called a PDSS code that you will be required to enter on registration that only people with an official disc will know. Sadly, we need to enforce this.

    Sorry for all the rules, but sadly EA is very strict with this project. Its very surprising they are even allowing us to continue.

    NOW, for the good news! By June 1st, we should be open to the public for beta testing. Stress tests are definitely needed. Originally, we during initial development ran the server on an el cheepo Raspberry PI hacked to run Windows NT server, which is what we used. Now, its running on a professional RAID server and its very fast and stable. We have also upped the amount of connections to 99999 people at the same time. This obviously won't be needed, but that opens doors to many people joining. After 10 people fill a room, new server instances are created to host more. You can add people via friend code to send messages to, chat with, invite, etc. We have modified this system to be flexible. We have two other online projects we are working on concurrently with this project. (burnout 3: Takedown and My Street). We plan that with this system, friend codes will be universal, meaning you can add players and cross game chat between our supported titles. We want to open up a universal free for all PS2 server similar to PSN. Its in extremely early alpha, but its working and cross game chat is WORKING. Sadly though, to do this, you need to patch your games, meaning emulation of PS2 games or a modded PS2 is 100% required. Here is a photo of the log in screen for PS2.NET:

    To sign up for PS2.NET you need to download our custom made program that needs to be ran on a PS2 or emulator. It creates a one time net file that can be used to connect your games. After this one time connecting and signing up, it will recognize the MAC ADDRESS of your console and log in that way. Supported games (Bustin Out, Burnout 3, My Street) will need to be patched with our log in wrapper to connect. PS2.NET will enable so much the PS2 hasn't received. Cross Game Chat, Friend Codes, and eventually, an award system. (yes, we have patched My Street as a test to see this working and it does.) We hope with the launch of PS2.NET to enable a world of entertainment to flow back into the PS2, the greatest console of all time. As you can see its all early alpha and in development, but our team has expanded by 10 people due to my studio making this top development priority. So we have ALOT of backing! PS2.NET will be a hit, we are sure. I also almost forgot, but friend codes are similar to wii. They are 10 digits followed by two letters. So example: "123-456-789-0-AB".

    While we aren't targeting it, my wishlist is to eventually expand PS2.NET to PSP as well, since PSP is also sadly getting the same shutdown treatment and Sony shunning PS2 is. Although that might be difficult due to PSP having its own network systems for multiplayer (PSN), while PS2 was completely dependent on game developers themselves and wasn't unified. We would LIKE to unify both PS2 and PSP eventually in time. It would be awesome!

    Any suggestions, comments, etc, are welcome!
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  15. RHY3756547

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    Hmm... I have a few questions.

    How could you have possibly received such a thing when your project is not public? We have not received anything of the sort and we're pretty much beyond public right now. I could not find any information on server emulators for those supported games anywhere but here.

    You can only do this if they are on the same Layer 2 network. It's impossible to detect if someone is recording packets sent to them over the internet, because their PC is **already** recording packets sent to them. That's the definition of networking.

    What? Windows NT server was x86... Windows 10 for raspberry pi is the only version of windows you can run natively on a pi.

    I'd like to believe you, but a ton of stupid fake projects have happened for literally no reason in the past. I have always wondered why people would even bother wasting their time to pull elaborate fakes like they do (theres like no personal benefit?), but it happens, so I'm cautious anyways. I'd like to advise others to be cautious too.
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    I seriously doubt EA would care about a game that they don't even make anymore. I'm pretty sure they're more focused on The Sims 4 and other projects right now.
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    We need more screenshots or a video. You didn't give any confirmation that it is working. As you said EA allowed you to continue development so I think you can give us more. The only thing we have is only one photo of service client that doesn't seem to be real. I can make such in Paint.
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  18. LetsRaceBwoi

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    I second Blayer - EA wouldn't give two fucks about a PS2 game because they are not making money from it!
    The font on the left is Segoe UI which isn't in NT server either, only in Windows Server 2008+.
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    Sadly,even though OBSRV is a thing,this won't work for Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 will it...? :(
  20. camjam1995

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    Wrong. We are public on AssemblerGames and PS2 Online Gaming.

    You can detect an additional amount of code being downloaded from the server if they are downloading files they aren't normally supposed to be able to download.

    Native, yes. As we said if you would reread, hacking. Virtual machines go a long way.

    Understandable, but its not fake. Why would I myself waste my time? Especially on this forum where there would be no benefit. If I wanted to pull a fake I'd target somewhere larger like Reddit /PS2

    Then how come other Sims Online projects, burnout projects, battlefield projects, etc have been shut down? They HAVE to shut it down. Its called trademark protection. Thats like when Nintendo is CONSTANTLY making headlines over shutting down fan projects, pulling youtube videos, etc. Again, protection. Money or no, they target fan projects.

    Not unless The_Fog and his team release the server code, which we do not have. We have Bustin Out, Burnout 3, My Street and Cold Winter.

    Anyways, everyone, whatever. Believe whatever you want. I cannot do anything until I am told I can show screenshots or else I'm removed from the team. I'll be back.

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