REbustin' Out (The Sims BO Online PS2 Implementation)

Discussion in 'Other TSO related projects' started by camjam1995, Jan 29, 2016.

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    RHY3756547 has never been a jerk, he just voiced his concerns and warned others to not get their hopes up...
    That being said just asking about you or previous projects from you on other sides like AssemblerGames resulted in a lot of warnings! It seems that you either like to troll a lot or you just don't finish your projects and jump around here and there, getting peoples hopes up in the process...

    Let's just hope EA doesn't take this whole thing down before/by May... ;)
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    Tip top maturity... I can tell from all the deleted posts in this thread that @camjam1995 is definitely a professional and level headed person, who is 100% confident that what they are doing is not a lie. Judging from whatever this is, I will definitely be "shocked" if it turns out to be true...

    You can follow the rest of this here, where other communities have expressed similar concerns. The posts at assembler games by DecoderRing are particularly interesting. (lol)

    I'm undeleting the posts and restoring the first post. I've banned him so he doesn't edit the others... but I'll be keeping an eye on other forums. Locking.
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