Regarding the latest issues that Rhys posted about on 1/8/17

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    Hello all,

    I've read over the latest post and have been pondering ideas as to how we can help Rhys with this predicament. He's open to people putting in the work to fix the current issues, based on the Github files being open and willing to take new ones in. So, I am wondering if anyone in here has a fairly decent programming background? I'm an amateur IT student. I know a thing or two about C++, Visual Basic, and fundamentals of networking. Unfortunately no C# experience. I do however have a lot of time on my hands since I'm not going to school this semester. I've dabbled with some conceptual ideas on how we may go about finding a person/some people willing to help with the current state of this project.

    1) I'm asking here first if there may be anyone who could get behind the current issues and take a dive into them. People here are more trustworthy and dedicated than randoms, imo.

    2) start hitting up programming + game development forums, discords, and reddits. I think an attractive title or opener would be something along the lines of: "Revive Gaming History - The Sims Online FreeSO Project" then we have to describe what needs to be done and link to the latest post. See if we can get any takers and probably select only one or two people to work on it because too many people could be stepping on each other's toes. I think people would be willing to work on this for free in order to tighten up their skills, put on their resume, or just for the thrill of the challenge.

    3) I am thinking about contacting the people behind ToonTown Rewritten and see if their programmers may have some spare time on their hands or give some solid advice.

    Therefore, does anyone want to help me with this? It'd be great if we could get a group chat going between people serious with making this happen -- if you have the technical knowhow and/or the time to dedicate to this at least somewhat into your schedule. Suggestions down below from anyone are certainly welcome. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

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