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  1. BrandonSJ96

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    Download, extract and you have it all! Replace the MeshReplace folder inside your FreeSO game directionary into (C:\Program Files\FreeSO\Content).
    Note: Be aware that more content is under way in due time so this file will be updated constantly.

    Credits to:
    Sindle, TheHappyPlantSim, mrpenguinb, RHY3756547, Raeven, Chaul, Mixa79sr, Ice Cool, JWofles, Alessandro and Myself
    Thank you all for your efforts in beautifying our lovely 3D world!


    Click here to view the master list of remeshes.
    Updated: 2/16/2018
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  2. mrpenguinb

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    I can't wait to just see a a lot being just filled with re-meshed objects in a large package :D :cool:
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  3. zero35

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    very cool´╝îthanks
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  4. DjBasA

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    a collection of all remeshes sofar, thanks.
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  5. Sp0nge80b

    Sp0nge80b New Member

    Gives me a reason to dig up my old 1x1 fish tank I made, thanks for this collection! I will add my fish tank!
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  6. Alonzo

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    Thank you for this package.
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