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    Hi, I don't know if this is the right topic, but here it goes anyway.

    There's a few bugs on the Level 4-5 at the restaurant locations. I was wondering if maybe the locations or placements of a few items on these items or maybe a bug correction would fix. I listed a few things. Please, do not take this as a mandatory thing, I just really wish and hope for the game to become better and better.

    First: The tables of four that are next to the wall are impossible to remove dishes if you're standing up. Couldn't there exist a way for the sims to pickup the plates without having to sit down? (Im at this because sometimes the orders bug and the sim delivers the dish at the other side of the table, being impossible to be picken up). Maybe a redesign of the set to avoid these 4 people table next to the walls?

    Second: The table under the blue rug has a decorational wheel next to it that doesn't allow the customer sim to reach one of the chairs. This leaves a moment until the sim gives up and goes away. I think that positioning the wheel one slot far away from the chair should fix this.

    Third (this is just a question): Is there any reason why the sims can't perform any other actions while holding a plate? I really don't get it why this happens. Maybe is there something that could be fixed?

    Thank you so much for your attention, and I'm sorry if I am on the wrong topic.

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