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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonny, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. jonny

    jonny New Member

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to be promoted most efficiently under the Robot Factory job. I have completed about 10 shifts now and still am at the base title. I have logic skill, good mood and friends. Any tips?
  2. Raeven

    Raeven Active Member

    You might need a point in mechanic skill specifically (? I'm not sure)

    A little off of the original topic of promotion:

    You'll want a few points in both mechanic and logic anyway since, in later levels, having 0 points in those skills hinders your performance quite a bit. I'd maxed out mech and believed the lack of logic would be ok but was wrong. I failed diagnosing things so much that I barely made any robots. All of my time was spent trying again. I have heard the same thing happens to people who have logic but zero in mech. (Fish after fish?)

    Happily it only took a few points of the wrong skill (logic, in my case) to make a huge difference. I took 5 for good measure and had the same success rate as someone with maxed out logic.
  3. adriananeiiva

    adriananeiiva New Member

    Since the 3d update i cannot join the game cause it crashes each time i try to join a Lot..
    ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling..can anyone help me?
  4. Raeven

    Raeven Active Member

    No one is going to see that buried inside of an unrelated thread. You need to create a new thread (under Support is best) to get it noticed.

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