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Discussion in 'Support' started by fruitchew87, Jul 29, 2017.

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    Hello there,

    I noticed that one of my room's room score dropped to the half-way point randomly and I couldn't get it to change back to the full bar it used to be. Nothing inside the room changed (and I checked over it many times), and indeed there is a room opposite of it that is 100% build and put together the same, exact way with the room score at the full bar it has always been. I noticed this be a thing after I moved my lot around a few times to escape the deep dips my original lot came with after the terrain update.

    I'm wondering if this problem is due to the strange way that one of the walls in that room would appear to be missing after the terrain changes because of the drastic fall-off that was right next to the room. Strangely enough, after moving to a flat lot, the walls looked normal again, however, the room score is not what it used to be. I tried putting in a heavy-hitter room score adders, but they made no effect on the room score at all. I deleted a wall to open up the room to the outside and the score shot up a bit (not full, mind you), which I found interested because I have not touched my outdoor area at all-- I keep all my rooms inside to control room scores and lighting.

    I will say that I also noticed that the when skilling in that room, the box above the Sim's head that tells what the skill speed is at and where you're at (level-wise) seemed strangely darkened. When I deleted that wall, it went back to normal, along with the room score boost.

    I found all this strange, and couldn't figure out how to fix it. If anyone knows what else to try, please let me know :)

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