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    Property owners are encountering roommate shortages, and often move roommates in who dont contribute to a property. Me and another two of the other older owners have discussed this a lot, its a big problem. we feel that sims shouldnt be getting house bonuses if they dont log into the property and contribute. like my last thread about this, this situation leads to "leeching" where a sim who doesnt do anything for a property for days will get the same rewards as the sims that do. i dont know what to do about this as an owner. we need help. there arent enough slots for roommates. the limited roommates is supposed to encourage competition between propertys, but thats having a bad effect on the game because they dont log in as it is, they get paid either way. theres simply too many propertys and not enough sims congregating in single properties making reaching skill and money goals a lot harder. the cap of 24 sims instead of 18 makes this problem worse, the way to correct it is to raise the roommate cap so there is more consolidation of the houses and incentivizing current owners to be roommates. we need people as dedicated as owners. in 9 months ive only met 1 maybe 2 people who i would consider dedicated. its a struggle keeping people engaged with the game if houses are going offline and online all the time, all competing for very few sims at times. you could say this isnt a real problem, theres nothing stopping owners from "asking more" of their roommates, but that adds a lot of pressure on owners to rotate roommates in and out to even meet demand. constantly recuriting and kicking out inactive roommates is spoiling a lot of potential for the game. another argument is that the property bonus should not be used as reason to open a house. there is no incentive to do a lot of things, things that only end up being time and money sinks, and turning hosting into a dead end proposition. that makes the game beyond pointless. there could be a situation where a house has "4" owners and spots for 8 roommates, giving the owners more control over a property than a regular roommate. that would provide some reason for more dedicated players to stay at a property. i think the community would like this as well. there are a lot of new players logging in, but if they have nowhere to go they are likely to quit. cooking skill is still very popular with new players, giving them better rewards for their skills would immediately restore some activity to the playerbase.
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    I don't get this at all. If they're inactive, will they even use the money they're getting? What benefit will stripping it from them do?

    Are you hoping that that money will be given to you instead, as some kind of incentive for having 7 inactive roommates? In which case, why should running your house solo with 7 inactive roommates (and coincidentally, a ridiculously high object count) be more rewarding than running your house solo with no extra roommates at all?

    FreeSO has a system where roommates can be switched out on a dime, much better than that in the original TSO. The true "owners" of the property can own all of the objects through a shared object limit, so that when a more temporary roommate is replaced, 200 of their objects don't follow them out, only really their personal belongings. This also means that owners don't have to multi-account to make the most of their object limit, meaning that their roommates have more potential to be actual real people. This removes all hassle from switching out these temporary roommates who would only occasionally host anyways.

    Switching out roommates is not "spoiling the game", it's literally like three clicks (two for removal and one for invite) and encourages you to meet and get to know new people.

    If you feel that much hatred towards your inactive roommates, remove them from your property. Roommates aren't meant to be dead accounts you stuffed your lot with to get a higher object limit. If they return to the game, it's as easy as quickly swapping out another of your roommates who have gone inactive. If you are worried about the object limit changing when you remove roommates, then only do it when you have found a replacement.

    I don't know why you've even written a rant about this - the one about single money objects did at least make sense since they are flawed, but frustration over your roommates not playing the game anymore is not the game's problem, it's between you and them.
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    Well a lot of the sims I spoke to feel the same way, at least 4 other owners, that roomys have no incentive to help in the same way that owners do because they get money for being offline. that isnt the only reason its only a part of it and its very complex. Its a bad situation trying to maintain a property by yourself. givign that money to the "online sims" is a bad solution i agree, but this discontent is widely shared. i dont know what do about it, it is a situation however that is a real drag. sometimes we have to bribe people to be roomys and bribe sims to even come to lots to play with others. one of the owners spent 100k on repairs whilel their roomys are just offline for weeks at a time. i dont use roomys for object limits never have. this is why skill type houses crash and burn pratically every week, the ones that are still open have gone downhill, its all because theres simply too much pressure on owners to manage roomys, objects and the lot all by themselves. there should be more shared ownership i dont know how, but roomys are essentially free agents because they have no connection to any of the places they can live at. gathering this information isnt easy and i do it because i see things from being here that are bad in the long term, its hard not to feel this way. sims who dont realize why places crash and burn, it never occurs to them why it happens. they dont play the game because they dont care about the lot, while there are TONS of new skill lots opening all the time, clearly its an issue because there is a high supply of the number of skill lots and a low demand to be a roomy. people dont realize how bad things get in the long term and some give up because they simply dont have the time to invest in making things work.
    everyone wants to see payouts disappear, its sad when owners are forced to make up the slack that the game did on its own before. its important to get people into lots to socialize it creates community. paying off people for doing jams just feels wrong. it takes really dedicated players to breathe life into this and we continue to shoulder that burden but we do it the same reasons, we all love the game from the past and are happy its back. more roomys, more consolidation and better rewards for the nooby skills would build a stronger community, it would make skilling easier with more sims. right now even that is suffering because theres too many lots and not enough sims.
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    I think not being able to find good roommates who can help you host lots is entirely on the player. If object limit is not a problem and you dislike the inactive roommates getting money, kick them out. I don't see how this is a hard problem to solve.

    It seems more like you are complaining about the number of players, which is frankly unfixable from a technical standpoint (obviously). I don't see why you keep saying there is a downturn in money or skill lots - they are both in constant competition for the most popular lot type. As of right now, there are 6 skill lots open (38 sims), and 3 money (16 sims), and none of them look like they are having any problems that involve roommates getting money while being offline or whatever. It's not even peak time.

    There is a downturn in ALL lots, and it is not because of roommates being hard to manage, it is because they're not finding any fun in the game. There's no easy fix for this, as I have said before, and its always infuriating when people say that changing one little thing would fix all of the problems in the world. People are also waiting for a wipe or something. This suggestion is particularly interesting because it would change literally nothing for the work-expensive addition of an entirely new system to determine if a sim is an active roommate or not.
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    pratically speaking, here is what can be done to alleviate the shortage of players: the kickback should be ~~$20 not $1. this would make everyone happy. owners would be able to manage objects and reward roommates who work to keep a property online. the more time they spend on the lot, the more objects they can place on the lot by decision of the owner, and the more of the kickback money they, the roommates, can earn. this wouldnt require anything other than changing the kickback. owners can easily control the flow of rewards, much easier than kicking out and moving in sims. get rid of the sim 'visitor' bonus for money lots, which tops out around 3-4k?? this way roomys wouldnt 'ditch' for a week and expect to come back with a bunch of money they didnt earn. if that cant be done - those free simoleans hopefully will be spent on repairs. the rewards of hosting should go to people who spend time at the lot, not people who house hop. and those rewards theoretically, i havent crunched any numbers, should be at least in line of what they are now given the same time investment. the net impact would be lower if the visitor bonus was abolished, so raising the rewards for kickbacks should be higher to make up for this net loss.

    a plate of food costs about $5. you can spend 1000-5000 a day just feeding sims. lower the cost of using the buffet from 120 to 60. that solves more problems with the cost of running a skill house, which generates net negative revenue. other things to help skill house, they are money pits.

    finally the most important one, raise the rewards for sims with noob skills. new sims love to study cooking. the cooking kitchen was already bad for money to begin with. the noobs who used them didnt know this and some didnt care. but its an important stepping stone for players to work their way up to other skill objects, find sims to get to know, and have enough money to spend on clothes and accessories. nobody is getting rich running a skill house. and nobody will get rich from hosting, but at least players will be incentivized to contribute to the success of a property.

    these things encourage the community to act cooperatively and fairly. competition would still be there in attracting a fairer balance of rewards for roommates.

    a lot of thoughtful features have made the economy better. giving those skill money objects a small step increase will accomodate sims at various levels of skill.
    one last thing probably not practical? is to include two skills in factoring payout for the typewriter and the potion table, they are duplicate skill money objects. two skills = a little bit more. this would encourage skilling up and help sims into other things like code, pizza, crafting, etc and reward the sims who have 40 skill points but can only 'use' 20 of them on a single skill money object.
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    Lets turn this:
    Into this!

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