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Discussion in 'Player Properties and Events' started by rsdworker, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. rsdworker

    rsdworker New Member

    i have setup a small Motel where people can stay for few weeks or months but at moment only one room is available - its needs more work like Bathroom and such

    once all has setup - kicthen and lounge then Motel will be in business - with small room for skills

    i am looking for one roommate to help build Motel with funds to make a good small motel for now
    any questions or ideas - mail me in game (rsdworker)

    chat in here

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  2. rsdworker

    rsdworker New Member

    Two basic rooms opened - those have tv and bed so $30 per night also shared bathroom at end of bedroom block (i will add shower in)
    do come in :) also you can donate at tip jar

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