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    Hey y'all :) Yup, another concept :rolleyes: I was kind of inspired and also bored so i said to myself why not making a concept? I remember i saw somewhere that cities in TSO had neighborhoods which were basically areas with different names, but why not giving them mayors?
    Might be added might be not, i had this idea and wanted to share it with you all ;). Huge thanks to @Vimpsee that helped me on few aspects. Let's see what is all about:

    - A new lot type, non-owner kind, to take speeches;
    - A whole new set of features for the mayor of the neighborhood;
    - Custom bitmap signs to make a more realistic stage for the speech;
    - Approval of the custom bitmaps from the moderation team as soon as they are going to be shown to the public and that includes underage people too;
    - An option somewhere to add your sim to the candidates list.

    The concept itself:
    I was thinking, a funny way to become a pro simmer in FreeSO might be being the mayor of a certain space or neighborhood. The idea is pretty simple: in a UI, that can be opened by the computer or maybe even the phone, you are able to put your sim in the candidates list with a candidate name and a slogan or motto. There must be a limit of candidates of course.

    So, the first round has a limit of 15 sims that will take their speech on pre-scheduled days to explain to the neighborhood why they are better than the other candidates. At the end of the first turn there must be 2 best candidates per neighborhood.

    During the second round candidates can use a custom bitmap that will be shown at their rallies, here's a quick example:
    Once both the 2 candidates took their speech, there will be a final vote to decide the winner of each neighborhood. There's a celebration party after the winner is elected.

    How do rallies work?
    Rallies are important to show your ideas and get more people to vote you. You can do a quick rally in your lot if in that particular moment there's a few people or you just scheduled one but you can also join your scheduled rally in the local rally lot of your neighborhood. Every neighborhood needs one and the layout looks like this:
    The area with the green squares is the editable area, the non editable objects are the microphone that of course is needed to be heard and you will need at least 2 signs to add your custom bitmap. They are automatically adapted to the candidate's custom bitmap,p


    You can easily vote from your PC in-game:

    How much time is the winner going to be mayor?

    A mayor lasts for 1 year (365 days from the election day)

    Advantages in being the mayor of the neighborhood:
    Once elected, the mayor will get a few advantages as a payback for the hard journey that drove him or her to where he or she is.
    - Living in a premade Whitehouse-like lot;
    - Have the possibility to organize events in community non-owner lots available in their neighborhood;
    - Kick players, every player that is being annoying from the neighborhood, this player will eventually need to get a new house, all the forniture will be sent to the inventory and the money kept;
    - Request a player to be banned from the game directly to the moderators;
    - They can rename the neighborhood 2 times during their political career;
    - If a lot contains explicit messages made of flooring or other stuff they have the right to bulldoze the are of the lot with this message;

    Funds of the neighborhood:
    Mayors have 10k Simoleons as neighborhood funds. They can use this amount of money to organize the events and hopefully the payback of the money raised from the event will be higher than the amount spent, or give loans to the citizens and plan a give back date. The amount will pile up mayor after mayor and will stop at 200k cause it would become too much and 200k is largely enough.

    Misbehaving mayor?
    Citizens can report a misbehaving mayor to the moderators so that they can remove his mayor status instantly cause they might be abusing the kick power or just not making a good job. Not active enough mayors are also subject to complains, as soon as they don't take care of their neighborhood and citizens have the right to say something about it.

    Tell me what you think. :)
  2. AquilaSim

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    This is for only right? I dont want that thing on Global Server honestly... mayor should be just a honorific title, not a ruler or what, so nothing of really serious.
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  3. Alessandro Needs A Server

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    Global server of course yes, and yes the mayor title could even be just a title and jsut have fun making rallies and stuff, would add that little challenge part to add fun to the game :)
  4. TheMarshmallowBear

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    An interesting idea, but given the nature of the game, I don't think it works, as Aquila said, given the fact that it's a Global Server, I don't think this even begins to start working.

    First of all, a new lot type is absolutely redundant, just to make speeches? Instead, use the podiums already in game for that.

    CUstom bitmaps will likely just be easily made with a similiar system that EA-Land had for signs (where you could attach bitmaps at ease).

    I'm also confused, are you electing a candidate per EACH neighborhood, or just a canditate FOR each neighborhood?

    I think it's pointless to have a "Whitehouse-like lot". Given the nature of the game, people are not going to be willingly going to "move out" of their hard-earned lots just to live in a pre-made house.

    Not sure if it's really worth creating data and software just to "organize" events that can be done with modern day Social Media. If Rhys will ever add new features, chances are he could simply implement it to Clubs and Neighborhoods (there's UI stuff in the files already for that)

    Absolutely NEVER force a player to "lose a house" This is THe Sims. I'd hate to be put in a position where a group of kids force me to "move out" just because they get "funny" with me.

    It is not Mayor's responsibility to ban others. That's Admins' job, who are QUALIFIED to decide who stays and who goes.

    The Neighborhood System isn't nearly as complex and neighborhoods can just be renamed at ease (although it's individually so the other hosues need to re-join the new neighborhood)

    Also, I would never want anybody to even touch my lot. If you have a problem with a neighbor, move.

    I'm also not fully understanding the Funds of the neighborhood.

    I mean, I enjoy the concept of it but ultiamtely i don't think it's something that FreeSO would ever need.

    ultimately this game is up to a player's discretions, and how they behave or create should not be hampered by others.

    Not everyone will get along, and this system looks like it could very easily become exploitative through people just being.. meanies.

    But good effort.
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    Nice idea.
    If that's a real year, wayyy too long.

    I don't think they should be able to kick people willy-nilly. While you could say, why don't they just move somewhere else, all their friends could be in the neighbourhood and then they just kicked out by the mayor who they annoyed a little bit. Also, there's no way you could annoy somebody enough to warrant being kicked out.
    Also, for the second point, I believe anybody should be able to request a ban if they're breaking the rules (not just mayors).
    + you shouldn't be able to bulldoze a lot- I missed that one out by accident but that's just downright unfair. Even if they have profanity it should be up to an admin, not a player with a 'mayor' title :p

    So yeah I like the idea but so far you've put more thought into how they'd be elected. This means that they kinda seem useless as pretty much all the can do is live in the white house (what about if they don't want to?) and do events (but you don't say what kind of events).
  6. RHY3756547

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    Quick thoughts:
    • Custom bitmaps will come separately, before any changes like this.
    • Neighbourhoods are not implemented because they are due an immediate rework.
    • Neighbourhood town hall is possible - it could instead be a "bonus" full size lot with the "always accessable" admit type (yes this is implemented) that the mayor inherits alongside where they live anyways. They get owner status upon joining the lot. Only issue with this is object ownership and losing mayorship - when owners transfer what will happen to the value in architecture? All objects on the lot would return to the existing owner?
    • Nobody will get the ability to moderate lots within their neighbourhood ever. That's asking for abuse.
    • Stop using dialogs to show things that would obviously be consigned to EOD/plugin objects!
    Here's an alternative proposal for mayor abilities:
    • Propose road and terrain changes for the city around neighbourhood location. These must be reviewed by an admin to prevent abuse. Player campaigns would be based on which changes the potential mayor would make to the road layout - if this happens then the admins could hold the mayor accountable to the promises they made if they decide to do something completely different. (or it could cause controversy! exciting!)
    • Each mayoral cycle could have a limited budget to change the city layout, so it would encourage ongoing competition to change the neighbourhood before it is "finished".
    • City mode will get some extra features like in TS2 in the future. These could be involved in the modifications.
    • Ownership of town hall lot for that neighbourhood. That means, a lot that never closes!
    • Sense of achievement. Everyone wants to be popular, and becoming mayor of a neighbourhood would be one of the top achievements (apart from 1st in top 100 friends or enemies)
    • Message broadcast to lots within neighbourhood. (Once-per-day limit, maybe through possible mail system i proposed)
    It goes with the original idea of the game, which was a competition to become a unique avatar and set high goals. It could work.
  7. Alessandro Needs A Server

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    It can even be like a job lot, not placed on the city itself, just a place the game teleports u in. plus how can be a new lot redundant...

    1 mayor per neighborhood of course, having 1 only only for the whole city would cost the mayor elected to have a huge load of work!

    well yes, i agree, that might be too much.

    As always thanks for the detailed answer :) yes, now that i give it another look, few points of the concept go against moderators tools. I think the road aspect and the stuff related to the neighborhood decorations is a great idea. It could go with the idea of having neighborhood funds. Maybe they can be raised by citizen donations. I think it would be great!
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    Hahahahahaha you made my day :')

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