Second Annual FreeSO Awards 2019 Winners List

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    Last night the Annual FreeSO Awards (AFA) returned for their second year! We were so glad to see everyone show up to support their friends and we hit over a whopping 190 guests in the Sunrise Crater Town Hall! It was quite a squeeze let me tell you that.

    If you have any pictures of the events we'd love to see them posted below!


    Sim Awards

    Tombstone Generator - Rosco p coattrain
    Master Trader – Spooky
    Style Maniac – Marie
    House Hopper – wild joker
    Freeloader – Iamwoman
    Compulsive Gambler – thesimsonline
    Party Animal – Milkyway
    Furious Fixer – Sasuke Uchacha
    Heartbed Abuser – rosie babe
    Most Artistic Sim – Hira
    Online 24/7 – Bluegirl
    Always Building – Amelia Rivera
    Serenades Galore - Shug
    2 Sassy 4 U – Mousey
    Best Roomie – AOG
    Most Iconic – Jesivis
    Host(ess) with the most-es – Bella Rae
    The World Is Your Toilet – Moxie Bear
    Richest Sim In Cash – Grigor
    Richest Sim In Objects - Paprikagal

    Lot Awards

    Best Entertainment Lot – AT THE UNION HALL by Patience
    Best Games Lot – Games Zity by Zoing
    Best Lot Design - Logic, Mech & Creativity by nttChris
    Best Money Lot – <insert 1 of 100 names here> by Bluegirl
    Best Offbeat Lot – Lizard King Sanctuary by Jim Morrison
    Best Residence Lot – Eastwood Road by Desiderius
    Best Romance Lot – Sweet by Grigor
    Best Service Lot – The Little Cabin by Granny Mabel
    Best Shopping Lot – Shopping Mania by Frosty beans
    Best Skill Lot – A CHANCE TO SKILL by Chance
    Best Welcome Lot – Irish Rose Gardens by Stu Pitt Moran

    These only contain 25 awards due to an exploding computer. Apologies for this. The awards missing are Romance, Style Maniac, House Hopper, Compulsive Gambler, Offbeat and Games lots.

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    Just sharing some pictures I grabbed before my reshade exploded :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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