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    Personally I think seeds are a big part of the sims, especially if your playing a live of the land story, it would be awesome to see seeds come into FreeSO, I only started a couple of days ago, and starting out is really hard, I barely have enough money to make a meal, so I think being able to buy a packet of seeds and have your own fruit and veg growing on your plot would be a really big help.

    Hope this will be thought of as a new add on to the game :)
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    The leap from TS1/2 type game features (TSO fell right between these) to TS3/4 type features is a big leap. Lot of things that would be cool are maybe not possible because of technical limitations and the way things were designed- or just won't fit right in an mmo environment that has to take everything into consideration in regards to balance and economy.
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    Roxy, making money is easier than it seems. Go to any money lot that is open and start using any of the money objects. The image that chompers includes in this post lists some income generating objects that you can start using straight away.
    Even if you don't have enough skill to get max payout, you still get paid something every 3-5 minutes. You also don't need skills to start the diner or robot factory jobs.

    Last night someone who just started playing came to my lot, learned how to use the pizza oven, played a couple of VERY casual rounds and had enough money to buy herself a plot of land. She had no skills. others pizzaing had varying levels of skills. They made a few thousand each time they played and had a lot of fun.

    Don't get me wrong - I love the idea of farming and think it would be lovely to make money in a homestead setting. Filing a pantry with your own garden's produce also appeals to me in a big way. But household budget really isn't a compelling reason. Now allowing high level chefs to create special meals that require these fresh ingredients might make for some fun role play/game play :)

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