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  1. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    Tucked away in the TSO files are several unused objects from TS1 expansion packs. While they were never used in the original TSO/EA-Land, these objects can be patched up and included in FreeSO. Many of these objects require little or not changes to work in TSO, but are missing a catalog name and description (the text you see when viewing the object in buymode or in your inventory.) We don't want to copy text from TS1, so new text needs to be thought up.

    Here's a list of some of the objects I've checked out and, where necessary, patched, and could use help from you guys with coming up with catalog text.

    Whoooo! Our last object has received a description!
    Great job, all of you!

    For the curious, here's a list of the 60 "debug" stuff we've added to game after this contest
    "New Craftables" objects (14 objects)paintings6.iff (antique sled)
    paintings7.iff (petstore small)
    clockpostswiss.iff Congrats Goddess of Fire!
    flowersunleashed.iff (Jasmine) Congrats Fawn!
    buildingsignsunleashed.iff (Cafe) Congrats Brandon!
    buildingsignsunleashed.iff (GiftShop)
    Congrats Marie!
    buildingsignsunleashed.iff (Pet Store) Congrats Bluegirl!
    buildingsignsunleashed.iff (Market)
    - Congrats Fawn!
    counters5.iff (Vacation)
    counters5.iff (Vacation - Beach) Congrats Maria!
    counters6.iff (Pet store)
    beds3.iff (double-beach) Congrats Marie!

    "Uuum ....More Stuff" objects (15 objects)

    sculptures7.iff (windchimes)
    plantboxfenceunleashed.iff Congrats die!
    trashcanvacation.iff (beach - inside) Congrats Fawn!

    trashcanvacation.iff (beach - inside) Congrats Ice Cool!

    counters4.iff (store - cheap)
    counters4.iff (store - medium)
    counters5.iff (Vacation - Bathroom)
    counters6.iff (Garden store)
    counters6.iff (Cafe)
    tablediningunleashed.iff (Farm)
    diningtablesbeach.iff Congrats Zoing!
    tablecoffee.iff (mission)

    "Build" objects (9 objects)
    doorsunleashed.iff (cafe)
    doorsunleashed.iff (Burgundy Street)
    doorsunleashed.iff (pirate)

    fencecarnival.iff Congrats Tsinclair!
    windowsunleashed.iff (cafe)
    windowsunleashed.iff (tall french)

    windowsunleashed.iff (pet store)
    windowsbeach.iff (side-rounded) Congrats Fawn!
    windowsbeach.iff (main) Congrats Fawn!

    "Lodge" objects (6 objects)

    counters5.iff (Lodge) Congrats Brendan!
    chairslr4.iff (Living Room - Lodge)
    diningtablelodge.iff Congrats BrandonSJ!
    tablesend5 ("lodge")
    tablecoffee2.iff ("lodge")


    "French/French Quarter" objects (16 objects)
    fountainunleashed.iff Congrats Brittanie!
    sculptures7.iff (hitching post) Congrats Maria!
    paintings7.iff (cafe art) Congrats radJason!

    paintings7.iff (cafe poster)
    trashcanunleashed.iff ("community-outside") Congrats BenV!
    chairslrunleashed.iff (Living Room - Cafe) Congrats BenV!
    sofasunleashed.iff (French)
    sofasunleashed.iff (Cafe)
    tablediningunleashed.iff (French)
    tablecoffeeunleashed.iff ("cafe") Congrats radJason!

    windowslodge.iff (large) Congrats Tequila
    windowslodge.iff (small) Congrats Tequila

    fencesunleashed.iff (brick)
    fencesunleashed.iff (french)
    fencesunleashed.iff (gothic)​

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  2. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member


    toiletunleashed.iff - this one is on hold so it can be fixed when the current toilet stall is fixed


    hottubvacation - on hold until both this and the heart shaped tub can be repaired

    A couple of friendly notes to head off the inevitable ala carte distractions:

    A) These files predate The Sims: Superstar so, NO, no Superstar or Makin' Magic objects are there; NO, we are not importing any in; This thread is not about any of those objects. Here we are focusing on what we do have and how to make it playable in FreeSO. Yes? YES!! OK!!!

    B) Yes, there is a lot more stuff in the debug catalog, that you wont find in these lists. Most of those were NOT overlooked; I didn't include them on this lot for specific reasons. You are welcome to tinker with them if you like, obviously, but my own focus will be on these first.
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  3. Sindle

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    This is what I've already got do far
    A ‘Latte’ To Handle Café Counter
    Ah the humble café, a place coffee, teas, and weird pastries that no one has ever heard of. And there’s only one counter that is able to do the job. The ‘A ‘Latte’ To Handle Café Counter’ is completely waterproof, any spills will slide ride off the countertop and onto the already filthy floor below.

    Garden Store
    Mother Nature Counter
    Rustic. Homely. Splintery. Just three words that can describe the Mother Nature Counter. Perfect for any country home, workshop, store, or all of the above. The Mother Nature Counter comes with built-in doorless storage shelves for quick and easy access, and boxes and cans as standard.


    Tall French
    La Grande Fenêtre
    Ever dream of living in the French Riviera but looking at the price tag makes you want to cry like a newborn baby? Well Substandard French Installations has the solution of a lifetime, bring the feeling of the French Riviera with this gorgeous window.
    Warning: Does not accurately capture feeling of living in the French Riviera

    The Florence
    In late 19th century France a man by name of Leonard walked into a humble street café craving some pastries and tea. There at the counter he met the kindest woman named Florence, and he fell in love with her then and there. He tried to talk to her, but he was so shy and nervous that he couldn’t speak. That is until he blurted out a string of obscenities by mistake, offending Florence greatly. She took him and threw him right out the window and told him to never come back or she would kill him with a bread knife. But enough about love stories gone wrong, how about a nice window for your storefront?

    Table - Dining - Unleashed
    ‘Farm to Table’ Dining Table
    Pulled from an authentic farmhouse we found in the aftermath of a tornado, or as the farmer folk call it, a “twister.” The ‘Farm to Table’ Dining Table will give you an authentic country dining experience. And if Mr. and Mrs. Arbuckle come to your door saying that you have their stolen kitchen table. Run.


    Burgundy Street
    Narrow Double French Doors
    Once upon a time in a France far far away. A man by the name of Gaston Brisbois invented the door, only to discover that the door has been invented for centuries. But a stubborn man, Gaston decided to sell his invention anyways. Now known as French Doors, they add class to any room, but they’re always so large, which is why Burgundy Co. came up with the Narrow Double French Doors, the perfect solution for adding high class to a limited space.

    The Leonard
    Being thrown out the window of a café was an extremely embarrassing experience for Leonard. Nothing could match that feeling for over ten years, when while leaning against a storefront, reading the newspaper, not paying attention to the world around him, he was hit by a swinging door. The door was stained with Leonard’s blood, and it was not easy to get out. And so the store owner decided to paint the door red to cover it all up. But enough about the sad life of Leonard, how about a nice door for your storefront?

    Th' Captain's Door
    Legend has it that centuries ago Pirate Captain Edward Dregg buried loot somewhere in th' southern Caribbean. But as we all know that legend be a load o' seagull droppin's 'cause Edward Dregg ain't real. Right? But ne'er mind all that 'n look at this beautiful door, which unlike th' legend be mighty much real.


    The Generic Bathroom Counter
    Being a unique individual is fun and all, but sometimes being like everyone else is nice too. And what better way to be like everyone else than to have the most generic bathroom this side of Blandsville? With an average white tile countertop, average wood finish, and average averageness, your bathroom will be nine ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine in a million.

    Granita in Woodgrain
    “A chef needs a surface that is even more artistic than this!” shouted Giovanni Stellini. And with that comment plus a frying pan to the head. We went back to work on crafting the perfect kitchen counter, and after weeks of careful work we eagerly presented our newest prototype to Stellini.
    “Perfect. But not what I’m looking for. Needs more granite.”


    Holiday Sign
    North O’ The Pole Candy Cane Sign
    The North Pole, the most northern point in the world, a cold unforgiving landscape devoid of civilization. All except for one man, Santa Claus! The jolly old man himself, Santa Claus has delivered an early Christmas present just for you. And if you promise to be a good boy or girl, he’ll give you a very tasty treat come Christmas Eve.
    Warning: Do not lick.
  4. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #1
    entry by BenV

    The Not-So-Royal Armchair
    When Lord Simeon of Blazing Falls commissioned a chair fit for a king, this wasn't quite what he had in mind. But don't let "His Majesty's" opinion sway you though, this chair is perfect for the everyday common folk's home, like yours! Constructed with 'above average' materials including state of the art spring cushions (well, they were new then) and a discounted pricetag, your chiropractor will thank you as well as your wallet!
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  5. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #2
    entry by Brittanie

    Sparking Fountain of Versailles
    This lavish water fountained was designed for the Versailles gardens themselves and is now available in Sunrise Crater! The top of this fountain was created with black polished granite. The bottom includes hand crafted tiles chosen by King Louis XIV himself. The rumor of the land is one sip of this water and your life will be everlasting.
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  6. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #3
    entry by Tequila
    Golden View
    This is not just a classy gold window, it will reflect your happy life to anyone looking in. You will also immediately gain a whole new perspective on the outside world. If you already plan to make a hole in your wall, at least now you can fill the emptiness with a more positive view on life! Who said money cant buy you happiness?
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  7. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #4
    entry by Tequila
    Golden View (small)
    Not as satisfying as the Golden View, but together they make simlife complete. Get this addition to make yourself look even happier, or to view the world from even more perspectives! Either way it fills another hole in your wall.
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  8. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #5
    entry by radJason
    The Generic Ancestor Simulacrum

    You want to be part of sim-aristocracy but your genealogy screams "underprivileged" ? Thankfully, with this genuine generic ancestor portrait you can bring grandeur into both your living room and pedigree. Warning: this brand-new, loosely related wealthy ancestor is sold as-is. Back-story sold separately.
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  9. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #6
    entry by radJason
    La Petite Eiffel Coffee Table
    The Tour Eiffel is the second most iconic landmark Gustave Eiffel created after this coffee table. Built from the same raw materials , this piece of furniture will sure be the most notable of your living room. Its height has been scientifically studied so that if you accidentally trip on it, you'll swear like a true french man. Obviously wine proof.​
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  10. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #7
    entry by Maria Cormane
    "Dark Horse" Hitching Post
    Are you a chess fan? Do you like horses? Are you the kind of person that buys everything in black? Look no further! this very special post will give your home the fresh, elegant and vintage look you're looking for. Your neighbors will be jealous, your girlfriend will probably not look at you the same, and your parents will be happy you moved out. And you know what they say, once you go black... there's no chance of going darker than that!​
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  11. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    Description Contest Winner #8

    entry by Maria Cormane


    "Surfing the Wave" Kitchen counter.

    Inspired by the lost city of AtlantSim, this beautiful creation was made to be part of your special home and give it that Fiji touch. Its magnificient design will surely remind you of the waves of your favorite beach, and the baby blue on the surface will take you to the deepest parts of the ocean. Imagine sitting on the sand, watching the waves take their course and feeling the breeze as someone puts sunscreen on your back... this is what you will feel when getting the "Surfing the Wave" counter, minus the hands on you, creep.
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  12. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #9
    entry by BenV
    'The Mean, Green, Recycling Machine' - by SIMple Concepts Ltd

    It's 2002 - so why are people still throwing their rubbish on the ground? The simple answer is most folks just don't care about the environment, but not you! Enter the Mean, Green, Recycling Machine from SIMple Concepts Ltd, which turns saving the environment into fun for all the family! Simply insert your unwanted trash (including Anime) into the MGRM, and using our patented 'RecycloMatic' technology watch as it gets broken down and transported before your very eyes via underground pipes to the nearest landf-- erm - recycling centre! (Warning! Please only insert standard everyday trash into the MGRM. SIMple Concepts Ltd holds no responsibility for accidents due to the usage of this device including but not limited to loss of limb or grievous bodily harm).
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  13. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #10
    entry by Marie
    Lemon Moon Double Bed
    Designer Lisa Leopold said she got the idea for this bright yellow double bed when she visited a foreign country and tasted a cake called "lemon moon". When you and your partner sleep in this bed, you will really understand the meaning of the phrase "sweet dreams"!
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  14. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #11
    entry by BrandonSJ
    Pappy's Espresso Express Coffee Shoppe Sign
    Established in 1985, Pappy is a well known barista who took part serving each cup of coffee from black to tea to hot chocolate to espresso. He was also known for his can do attitude that made him a respectable and determined man to be offered to run the coffee shop in his name. He says "Making great coffee comes with the 3 Cs (Cup, Cream and Coffee)." As the competition is taking a toll on Pappy, he decided to expand in partnership by selling his illuminated retro espresso sign in the market to local coffee shops all around the city.
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  15. zero35

    zero35 Active Member

    I think following these descriptions from TS1 is the best way because these objects are made by MAXIS/EA and no need give some redefinition
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  16. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    I'm aware of the TS1 descriptions, obviously, and I disagree.
    We are not distributing anything in from other sims games and we are extending that policy to the descriptions, as well..
    Plus people are having fun; They like being creative and contributing to the game just as much as you and I do. This gives them one more way to do that and provides another means of doing so for those who cannot contribute with game design and game balance, or with programming, SimAntics, or art assets.
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  17. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #12
    entry by die
    Finn's First Flowered Fencing
    For the longest time, fences consisted of either the materials iron, wood, cement and nothing else! However, one day, a man named Finn was staring at his front porch, and noticed how bland his fences looked.., so he got a bright idea of adding flowers on top of it! unfortunately instead of getting positive feedback, everyone else in the neighborhood WAS OFFENDED! "What the heck? This is not NORMAL!!" "What audacity does this man have?" "Why are there FLOWERS ON TOP A FENCE??". As time passed the chaos eventually simmered down, and in return people even started copying Finn's First Flowered Fencing! Due to natural human behavior..? shrugs
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  18. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #13
    entry by Marie
    Just A Candle Sign
    An intriguing sign for a perfectly normal candle store, that is for sure! But some people may have been "enlightened" how these shops are not only selling "just" candles. The candles are magical... ly extraordinary candles imported from somewhere far, far away. If you are looking for magical remedies, you will gently be advised to go look somewhere else, like in your mind. Uh... There is absolutely nothing magical going on inside candle stores with signs like these!
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  19. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #14
    entry by Don Lothario Casanova/Tsinclair
    Fiesta Fence
    Fences are usually the blandest objects a sim can buy. If you're sick of the normality of fences, get a Fiesta Fence! These fences have been constructed by a team consisting of the partiest of party animals and the best builders out there. Guaranteed to not randomly invite your friends over for a party or your money back.
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  20. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member
    Description Contest Winner #15
    entry by Brendan
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Al Pine's Log Countertop
    After the closure of Vacation Island due to the land shark, bandit and yeti infestation of '08, several brave expeditioners traveled back to rescue these pristine rustic counter tops. Relive good ol' memories and buy them for your home today! (All proceeds from your purchase go to the Marky-Archie-Betty Foundation of Mascots.)
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