shell32.dll error, any help would be appreciated

Discussion in 'Support' started by cree, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. cree

    cree New Member

    I installed FSO for the first time but when I try to launch it I get this error:

    The procedure entry point GetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll

    I'm using Windows Vista and I do have a shell32.dll in my System32 folder
  2. dotequals

    dotequals Member

    FreeSO itself supports Vista (for now), but the launcher does not due to the underlying technology (electron) not supporting it. You would need to do a manual install which requires the following:

    1. Ensure .NET 4.5 or later is installed
    2. Ensure OpenAL is installed (Windows Installer zip)
    3. Download, extract, and install The Sims Online
    4. Download and extract FreeSO (
  3. cree

    cree New Member

    Thank you for the quick reply
    I managed to install everything and create a sim but when I go to Sunrise Crater everything says Vacant Lot. If I go to the Top 100 List it shows 29 locations and when I click on a name on the list it will pop up a picture of the building but it says Retrieving at the top and when I zoom in nothing's there. I've closed and restarted the game several times
  4. cree

    cree New Member

    And now when I load the game I can only get to the login screen. There's a pop-up saying the server I'm connecting to requires beta/update-79d to be installed (which is what I downloaded via the link above) and that my version is master-859
    It asks if I want to download and apply update-79d, I say yes, and get a new pop-up that says "the file %s could not be downloaded or was empty/corrupted. You will now return to the login screen"

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