Simitone Out Of Memory error.

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    I'm back again because I had been feeling nostalgic for Sims 1 again and I wanted to see what it would look like in full 3d unfortunately Simitone crashed when it got to the Arranging Wardrobe part and gave me an Out Of Memory. I don't know why because I had Sims 1 installed on my Intel i5 Windows 10 laptop this time which has 8gbs of ram which should be more than enough to run the program. If you need further info about this error message a picture will be attached to this post.
    I might need to add that I hadn't installed Freeso and I have custom skins and hacks installed but not much. I'm using the latest version Of Simitone. Also is there a way to make Simitone read The Sims 1 in a custom directory instead of the default Program Files x86 directory?

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