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    It is important to be courteous to your visitors if you want to keep them coming back. Here are some tips on how to be a good host or hostess.

    • When a visitor arrives on your lot, saying a quick hello lets them know that they are welcome. Invite them inside and offer them a meal. Ask them if they would like to practice skills with you. The kinder you are, the more people will visit.

    • Some guests do not wish to be bothered while they are working on their skills or making money, so respect their privacy and they'll return, often with friends. However, most visitors are usually chatty, so engage them in conversation and it will encourage them to return.

    • Not only is it important to be nice to your visitors, it is even more crucial to be a good host or hostess to your roommates. Throughout the lifetime of your home, you will come across many potential housemates among the throngs of tourists. If you are not respectful of them, they will not want to help with the growth of your property.

    • Treat your roommates as you would like to be treated. Don't rearrange their furniture while they are logged off. Don't eat all the food in the refrigerator and not restock it. If they have their own private section of the house, don't touch anything until they are around. Try not to change the house too drastically without getting their opinion, as they are donating their simoleons toward the house too.

    • In addition to your property, it is necessary to extend courtesy to other properties as well. Players work very hard to make their houses a pleasant experience for others. If you disrespect their house by not cleaning up after yourself or saying foul things, they may inform others of your bad attitude. This will give you a negative stigma in the community.

    • In conclusion, be kind to others, as FreeSO is based entirely on socializing. Extend warm welcomes to your house guests. Be respectful of your roommates and get their opinion on upgrades and big ticket items. Treat other house owners in the same manner that you would want to be treated. The most important tip of all, though, is to have plenty of fun!


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