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    I have seen SIMS need a wide space to work well, I think, is by colide and default routes.
    This is bad for my little mini house, and starter homes, and for wide large house seems also. As they have to buy more appliances to don't have shims blocked.
    >Sims can't go throughout same 1 tile door is the most simple to reproduce.
    >Sims been standing in front the dishwasher till we can move camera to go next place, is another common.
    This can be refined or just be phantom? as Sims online no sure if need a real colide full body just some points no sure how this work really.
    The subject is the Sims can move and dont stuck on same one tile when 2 sims on same tile. This has been fixed on TS3,4

    Camera is dificult to move arround to me, as "edge srcoll is not working properly, due to 3d or due is not fullscreen really even left click is not letting me for left or right well. now i have read on tsomania "fullscreen, simply press alt + enter to toggle back and forth. " will try.
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