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    One of the main concerns of controlling your Sim would have to be needs management. There are eight needs that motivate your Sim. These are Hunger, Comfort, Hygiene, Bladder, Energy, Fun, Social, and Room.


    Needs are monitored by bars in your Universal Control Panel, which at their highest satisfaction level will be full and bright green. As the needs drop so will the bar meter, turning a paler green, then grey, until only the red side of the bar remains. Needs showing bright red in their bar need attention immediately!

    As long are you are on a property (your own or someone else's) your needs will be affected. Time as well as actions will cause your need levels to drop. Should you need to step away for a bit and you don't want your needs to fall while you're gone simply leave the lot. Your needs will not be affected while you are on the city view screen.


    Eat something!

    If you own or are a roommate at a property you can make yourself food using the refrigerator. The higher your cooking skill is the more filling the food you make will be.

    If you are a guest at someone else's property, you will need to rely on them to provide access to food for you. This could be by setting up a buffet table, by making group meals, or by providing vending machines on their properties.


    Sit, sleep, nap, or take a bath.

    Generally the more expensive the item you are using the faster it will raise your comfort level. Sure, you could nap on a loveseat and you might get a little comfort. But if you're looking to really be comfortable and fast you may want to seek out an actual bed. Also, Sims find baths very relaxing, which makes taking baths a very good way to raise your comfort level.


    Shower, bathe, brush your teeth, or wash your hands.

    Even the prissiest of Sims starts to get a little stinky after too much working and playing. Showering and taking baths are the most complete way to clean your Sim up. For a quick pick me up try washing your hands in a sink or brushing your teeth at a medicine cabinet mirror. These take less time but also don't raise your hygiene meter to its fullest.


    Take your Sim to the restroom!

    Get your Sim to a toilet when you see this meter getting low or you could end up with a very embarrassed Sim! Again, more expensive toilets get the job done faster but if you're at someone else's lot, you just use what you can get. Don't forget to flush! Some toilets auto-flush but most don't. If too many Sims fail to flush the toilet, you or the lot owner could end up with a yucky mess to clean up.


    Sleep, nap, or drink coffee.

    You work your Sim hard; you play your Sim hard. It's time to give your Sim some much needed rest. When your Sim's energy meter gets low you need to let them sleep. Beds, expensive ones, work best for this, but you can also nap on couches or in chairs that recline. If your Sim is not quite ready to slow down you can get a quick energy boost by drinking coffee or especially espresso. Watch your bladder meter when you do this though, coffee will make that meter decrease quickly!


    Entertain or be entertained!

    Sims just wanna have fun! There are many objects in the game that can increase your Sim's fun meter. Try dancing, watching TV, bashing a pinata, swimming, sitting in a spa, listening to music, playing pool, interacting with other Sims, even watching the fish in the fish tank. The possibilities are too numerous to list; it shouldn't be hard for you to find something with which to entertain your Sim.


    Be social.

    Your social need can be raised simply by being on a lot with multiple other Sims. If you are a little more impatient than that, and wish to raise your social meter faster, you will need to interact with other Sims. Clicking on another Sim will bring up different options to perform at or with that Sim. Some you will just do automatically, "Talk to", "Wave" and "Salute". Other interactions will need to be accepted or declined by the Sim you are trying to interact with: "Dance", "Hug", etc. Social can also be raised by taking part in group activities: Basketball, Chess, Swimming, and Pool are some of your options.


    How much does your Sim like the space around them?

    When building your own business or home the room need is very important to keep in mind. Sims like to be surrounded by nice things with lots of light, as well as lots of room to move around. Room's can be spruced up with artwork, plants, and even some of the pricier furniture items can add to a rooms rating. Also keep in mind that dead plants, trash, dirty dishes, spilled water from the shower, and other messes will drop a rooms ratings like a rock regardless of how nicely the room is decorated.

    Have fun @ FreeSO ;)

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