Sims Ville Roleplay a New way to play Sims 1!!!

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  1. salvadorc17

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    What is Sims Ville Roleplay?

    Community at:

    Play the game and interact with other people.

    This is a community game about playing the sims and perform certain actions that you will share with the community, and which will allow the simultaneous development of the gaming experience in a neighborhood created with sims of the entire community.

    What do you need to play?

    -The Sims game and all his expansion pack, or almost Unleashed, House Party, Hot Date and Vacations.

    -You need to download custom neighborhood and custom elements that game will use.

    -You need to be able to upload files and screenshoots, or photos to the game site.

    -Only language permitted will be English.

    Basic Rules.

    -The player must choice only one sim to start the game, and must upload it, with all the references like interest, personality and job wishes.

    -The player living with another players in same lot will be only avaliable to perform actions with his own character and cant do anything that affect the other players characters, without his permission.

    -The player must perform actions based on game time, like a day in game will a day in real life.
    (Perform go work action will take 8 hours long)

    -The player cannot usse cheats to get money, need to work to buy all objects and need to buy a home to get his own family.

    -Almost all the other rules apply to the normal rpg gaming.

    Note: All the info, please read the FAQ or send me a message.

    What do you think, sounds interesting, wanna participate?? Make suggestions and prepare for the a new way to play The Sims.

    Read more:
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  2. andao11

    andao11 Member

    How can I play?
  3. salvadorc17

    salvadorc17 New Member

  4. francot514

    francot514 Well-Known Member

    This is a project for play Sims 1 in different ways, sharing your gameplay with all the community, this is possible because all the players use the same game files stored in a dropbox internet cloud (partially, we are looking for better cloud hosting) all the players can have their own character and house and can check updates every time game is saved, you can join us we are in beta testing now!!!

    We have created a Facebook group:
  5. Afr0

    Afr0 Well-Known Member

    Sounds illegal to me. If EA gets a whiff of the owner of that Dropbox account, he/she can bet their ass that EA will bite them.
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  6. xezno

    xezno Member

    Yep. But I think he/she means world/neighborhood/house files that are user-created (e.g. if I created a house, I can upload it for other users) BUT he(/she) said they would upload the Sims game files w/ all expansion packs, which is a definate NO NO.
  7. francot514

    francot514 Well-Known Member

    Hi you, im a man, and this is not illegal at all, because we are not distributing the game as ilegal copy, we only share the userdata from the game to have it be shared with all users, that can create their own house, of course, each user should get the game by his way, the only what we shared recently are some of the sims 1 files, but i understand you and no game distribution will be done by dropbox.

    Excuse for misunderstanding, i thinked it, but it will not realized by that way. Then for play you should get Sims 1 Complete Edtiion.
  8. xezno

    xezno Member

    (I told Afr0 it was only savedata, he probably didnt know what I meant by my stupid description)

    Basically the user generated house and family files are being uploaded.
  9. francot514

    francot514 Well-Known Member

    Yes, what i mean is all be updated with a program im working on.. Visual 2010 based.


    You think is well designed, have some suggestion?
  10. andao11

    andao11 Member

    Congratulations!! :D
  11. xezno

    xezno Member

    Cool, the RGB codes (if you need them) for the TS1 / TSO textboxes is 0,0,52 - that's only if you want to use it as the background of the FormApplication or the Textbox.
  12. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    I really don't like the blue background, you should just leave it as default. You should also avoid scaling images unevenly (the logo has the boxart stretched landscape... you should use the sims logo and add space under it for the "sims ville roleplay" subtitle). Otherwise that's a really cool idea and even though it's not the sims online, people might still be looking for something like this (especially since it's more like offline sims)

    People do this with Dwarf Fortress, they usually write up what they did in a text lets play kinda format and it's usually hilarious, but then again dwarf fortress is absolutely crazy. I can't remember for the life of me where or what the thing I'm thinking about is, though.

    What I think xezno is suggesting is making the window more like the TSO ones, which won't look quite right unless you use the images provided by the game. That might also work though and would be pretty cool if you got it set up.
  13. francot514

    francot514 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the suggestions, the changes of the background and images are very easy, the most important part, the button functions are the problem to me, by now i dont know how to allow users to upload a file, selecting into the path and after that, sending to a dropbox link by example.

    The download button also have two possibilities: allowing the user to download all the userdata into a sfx, or allowing to dowload each resource separately into sfx too.
    The file menu have two choices: update the program, if there will be more versions, and launch the sims.
    And about, links you to main page and forums.

    Do you think is well implemented? Wanna test it when i have a beta release?
  14. xezno

    xezno Member

    You could use the Dropbox API (if there is one) and I think there's one for Ubuntu One (GO UBUNTU!) if there isn't one for Dropbox. You could use the API's to enable uploads, though it would be best for a self-hosted Apache server to be created so that files can be easily uploaded and downloaded - but there are also cons to this. And yes, I was saying make it look like TSO, but I kind of agree with RHY. (What's an SFX?)
    Yes, I like the design and code-concept, and please can I test it at beta?
  15. francot514

    francot514 Well-Known Member

    I will try to create a simple upload server, but i need to think as user "The most easy way to get updated all the files to me with not much effort", the sfx means the winrar self extractor file, that is how the files are compressed and will be downloaded. You can read the message in your forum, becasue im very interested in working in the chat thing about to get all users chatting meanwhile they play sims...

    Pd. You can test the program, but to allow to test in game you need at least, sims unleashed plus makin magic, or recommended Sims Complete Collection :D
  16. xezno

    xezno Member

    I have Unleashed and Makin Magic (Portuguese)
  17. francot514

    francot514 Well-Known Member

    Ok, you can test with that, but some objects of other expansion pack will lost for you, i recommend complete collection becuase i use all expansion objects, plus so many downloads, after finishing firts version of updater, now im working in sims ville manager. Check it.



    Pd. I will need to have all the beta characters, before release the firts version of sims ville roleplay updater and manager.
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