Simsville music clips in higher quality

Discussion in 'Sims Games' started by Fatbag, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Sims Ville cancelled game??? How do you find that??
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    Good question and I never heard of the game, but wow nice find!!
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    SimsVille was a crossover between The Sims and SimCity, but people didn't like the fact that Sims could only be "pulled" in terms of attraction towards items around them. You couldn't make them do anything like in The Sims, and it was cancelled since Maxis got more people on The Sims 1's expansion pack line.

    You can read about the development on Wikipedia.
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    Funny enough, the samples you ripped were just Excerpts. Did you see any other tracks labeled Simsville?
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    No, those were all clips labelled Simsville. The moment that I saw that Indexes was turned on, I downloaded all the files using wget. There were 175 files total. (You can ask me for the complete mp3_jmm file listing over a PM if you want. All 175 links still work, but maybe we should keep this information relatively private.) I have played all 175 files (just in case any of the file names are lying), and those 4 were the only ones related to SimsVille. The whole versions of those songs are not in the collection.
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    lol if he has the Excerpts, why hasn't he uploaded them? (Probably because the game was cancelled, or that the tracks were just temporary until the game WOULD HAVE came out.)
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    Well he never put anything related to Simsville on his music page. He probably thought about putting both the excerpts and full songs on his music page (like he does for all of his other songs) but never got around to it.

    Oh and by the way, here are all of the TSO songs in the mp3_jmm folder:
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