Skill Locks And Decay Questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Siora, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Siora

    Siora New Member

    I Was Wondering About Skill Decay Rate And Skill Lock Points

    When Do We Get Points For Skill Locks How Often? I'm 38 Days And Have 25 Locks
    Is It Normal For Skills To Decay So Fast, or Will There Be A Fix For It Maybe? or Removed?

    I Haven't Been Playing Long And I Didn't Play The Old Version of This Game So I'm Still Learning Things :)
    Thanks For The Information
  2. Fawn

    Fawn New Member

    Hi Siora!

    You start off with 20 locks and get a new lock every 7 days. Skills are intended to decay, the more skills you have, the faster they will all decay. If you stay on lots that have skill gameplay disabled then you will not get any decay. The system is working as planned for now. While your locks are low it is a good idea to specialise into skills for specific reasons and not try to max everything out. The lock system may be changed after beta but I believe decay will remain the way it is, ultimately it's up to the developers in the end.
  3. Siora

    Siora New Member

    thanks so much for the information Fawn :)

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