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    First off, I want thank the developers & everyone involved in bringing TSO back. Its been a long time & its great seeing one of my favorite games up in running! (although I wish i still had my simmy, cannons, and mystic trees lol)
    Also, unfortunate starting with 0$ but I get it.

    To the point:
    While I'm still trying to remember a lot about the game from before I had a hard time remembering..How long does it actually taking to gain a particular skill 0-20?....
    days? weeks?

    Also which skill yields the most cash from your point of view? whether its a job or just selling gnomes/paintings?

    Thank you for your help!!
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    TSO Mania (a site you may remember from back inyour TSO days) has a chart on their Skills page stating the time each point takes. I am not sure if that chart is for ye old TSO or if Matt has updated it for FreeSO but it hsould serve as a rough guideline

    The jobs are meant to be the high earners and I believe the Diner job is said to pay more than the robot factory. Charisma enhances your payout as schmoozing the customers increases your tips, but that is optional. Ideally you are working with a team large enough to allow one person to chat everyone up while the rest of you take and deliver orders. Charisma is also used in 2 of the 3 available group job objects (and also has a station on the 4th, not yet implemented Maze). In the far future when the nightclub jobs are done I suppose Body will rival Charisma in this fashion. (Depending on how much that Dancer job earns /shrug)

    My personal go-to for money is the Code machine, however, which is the one group money object that does not have a Charisma Station. Code requires one less person than the other two objects and it's gameplay and payout is steady and predictable. Kinda a no-brainer thing that is great for steady money but is, admittedly less fun and engaging than either Pizza or and.

    The solo job objects (gnomes/paintings) have recently undergone a change in FreeSO. I don't think there is a blog post up yet about it but the payouts are dynamic now. The game keeps track of which objects are ore and less popular. The more popular ones 'flood the market' driving the payouts down while the less popular ones become more and more in demand and the payout reflects this. Additionally one object will get a +$ bonus to it's payout each day. You can check the newspaper on any lot ("Read City News") to find out which object is receiving the bonus this day and check on how all of the objects are doing in relation to one another.
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    thank you very much for your response and great insight! Ill try to play around a a little and see what fits me most! I always used to pizza in old TSO but never did the code machine i dont think hmm something to try!
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    There is also a Code discord server called The Code House with a bot built by dotequals, that is very handy.

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