Sleep Smoothly! - Routing Fixes for Beds!

Discussion in 'Objects' started by xXJDrocks450Xx, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Now you can place nightstands, tables, pet carriers, even a turkey platter, next to beds without your sim fussing about! Check it out!
    [​IMG] Animation.gif
    Sadly not all beds support these changes yet, the four beds that do are:
    upload_2016-3-2_22-2-18.png upload_2016-3-2_22-2-52.png upload_2016-3-2_22-3-24.png upload_2016-3-2_22-3-49.png

    You can download these changes into your game right now! Simply Paste this file into TSOClient/Content/Patch/Users/<Insert Name Here>
    (You can download the .piff, and try for yourself, it just isn't working for me, more detail below)
    Technical Difficulties, it seems whenever I save the .piff, close the game, then reopen again, getoutofsinglebed never saves correctly. When I get out of bed after closing, it displays a crash report:
    (Note: everything was working perfectly, as shown in the Gifs above, prior to closing)
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  2. Raeven

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    I was really curious about your error message (and what it might mean) so I had a little poke around. My first thought was that perhaps something in the Load function was conflicting (I could not imagine how but that is always the first place I look when something was working but wont work after you've left and come back). No Load is listed in the Entry Points for bedssingle2.iff, but there is no init listed either which would be impossible so perhaps the semiglobal is being used there and it is just not able to show up on the Entry Points tab.

    Either way I could not peek there so instead I remade your fix (or what I assume you did?) to see it crash first hand but it isn't crashing for me. Perhaps something was just mis-typed somewhere while you were first exploring the file and remaking the fix from scratch will work for you?

    EDIT To include image and link to patches (does not include bunk beds)
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  3. Raeven

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    @xXJDrocks450Xx did your patch have added BHAVS?
    I am having a similar problem while working on the Downtown Bars. I thought I'd successfully added BHAVs to it, before but I am second guessing myself on that now. Now I am finding that added BHAVS are being deleted from the piff once I close Volcanic Down (and I am having a lot of weirdness with the Last Modified date not updating when I save my changes)
    Changes to existing BHAVs (and other resources) all seem to save fine (even though the Last Modified date doesn't update)
  4. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Added BHAVs sometimes forget to save. Not sure why.
  5. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    PHEW! I wasn't 100% sure if I could find a work around since I wasn't 100% sure that was what was happening.
    That said ... that's not an accurate description of what is happening (with me, at least).

    I can open volcanic, edit an object and add BHAVS and save those changes.
    When I alt tab over to an explorer window (windows 10) , the piff file will not appear to have saved; The Last Modified date is old (and the file size is the same but that was only confirmed once when I'd done a LOT and should have gone up from 4k to 5k).
    If I right-click on the piff and send to > compressed (zipped) folder, a zip[ is made. INSIDE of that zip is the piff, updated with the proper Last Modified date and file size. The new BHAVS ARE saved in that one.
    If I copy the piff to another folder (in my case, the root directory), THAT copy has the correct last modified date (and. presumably. file size).

    The above experiments were done with Volcanic still open.
    Then I close Volcanic and continue with greater weirdness:

    If I copy the file back from the root directory into the Patch>Users folder, the wrong Last Modified date shows. This happens whether I delete the Patch>Users one first or if I leave it there and overwrite it with the one form the root directory. Similarly, if I extract the file from the zip, the old Last Modified date shows.

    When I open Volcanic and look at the object, any BHAVS I'd tried to add (since the displayed Last Modified date) are gone. (changes made to existing BHAVS since remain).

    If, however, I open the zip and COPY the piff, then PASTE it into Patch>Users, the file will have the updated Last Modified.
    When I fire up volcanic, the new BHAVS are in there just fine. (The more I did this the more unstable everything got, though and eventually the program started erring and corrupting files. I did it a LOT while experimenting.)

    I gather there is some sort of index or 'map' or some other resource associated with the BHAVs? Perhaps it is that/them which is not updating properly? (No clue why such a thing would cause the Last Modified date to fail to update, though). I'd also found that I had trouble if I deleted BHAVS (they would leave the TREES list, but I could not create another using the same id because it "already exists". I think this only lasts for the session (the message disappearing after I've closed volcanic down), but I did not make a point of testing that out.
  6. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    There is a register of what has been "changed", what things have been "added". It is likely that this is not resetting correctly when you restart the game. (should remember adds and patches from applying the PIFF in the first place) Still need to look into it.

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