Snowy Mech & Logic August 2017

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    • Each roommate has their own custom mini apartment with 4 bedrooms, the size of small houses, views of the surrounding area and their own bathrooms.
    • the 3rd floor loft looks down onto the 2nd and 1st floors, dont fall onto the chess tables!
    • each floor is connected with stairs upto the 4th floor which is currently vacant
    • the 5th floor is mostly arcitectural features with no living space
    • the backyard is a expansion area for making money and other skills area
    • the 2nd floor has a balcony with a hot tub
    • the house is surrounded by trees and sidewalks
    • inspiration for the house came from many sources, mostly 3 other lots were used in the construction
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    I really like it. Keep up the good work! ;)

    Happy Online Simming!


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