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Discussion in 'Contribute' started by damondamore, Mar 21, 2016.

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    I'm Damondamore you might know me if you're involved in the sims 1 comuinity as the world's slowest object hacker-- sorry about that I have a day job then I staff a convention and then I hack sims objects.

    I've worn many hats and as well as still actively hacking for sims 1 I an good with photoshop write music and speak German as my second language (not always amazingly well but even the Germans avoid the Dative case.)

    A lot of what I learned about the sims 1 objects is based on trial-and-error and looking at Maxis objects, learning the Maxis objects don't always work the best and then sighing loudly enough that I think Maxis can hear me all the way on the other side of the country. I'm more than happy to pitch in a lot of places, just let me know.
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    Hey, glad to see you here!
    Unfortunately, things aren't going to be going in many directions till I can get my 50 page dissertation out of the way... @Cytlan is currently working on decoding the TS1 lot format, which could be useful for a TS1 port of our engine, perhaps you could share some insight there?
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    I totally understand that!
    I can possibly answer specific questions or help him throw hex values at the file and see what sticks. Most of what I know about lots is what (surprisingly!) isn't in the lot file. I see there's a thread so I'll pop over to that.
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    Youre welcome over here, any help is apretiated.
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