Someone open a server, today, anytime, please!

Discussion in 'Play-Tests' started by Noeltarifi, Feb 8, 2016.

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  1. Noeltarifi

    Noeltarifi Member

    I have yet to join one, i have the updated version and i wanna play! or if someone could teach me how to run a server, i could do it myself.
  2. zc456

    zc456 Well-Known Member

    Play Tests have become a lot more common ever since the Discord server was created and are often announced there now. I recommend you head to the Discord server for updates (link in my signature). Play Tests made in advance are now limited to the forums, it seems.
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  3. purplerecluse

    purplerecluse Member

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  4. AquilaSim

    AquilaSim Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    About it @Noeltarifi I ask you please to stop creating this same type of thread again, like @zc456 and @purplerecluse tell you, you should join the community on Discord if you want be warned about the opening of a playtest early.
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