St. Patrick's Day Sunrise Crater Drinking Marathon

Discussion in 'Player Properties and Events' started by Kay T, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Kay T

    Kay T New Member

    Hey FreeSO, let's play a game!

    On Friday, March 17th, visit as many lots with bars/punch bowls as possible. (Money lots, skill lots, service lots, most of them have at least one of those!) At each lot, drink at least one shot/glass in the name of St. Patrick!

    - If the lot is packed and you don't have to stay there for longer than 1 drink, get out once done, let other drunktards get there too!
    - Do not make people queuing up behind you wait too much - 1 drink per lot is enough! If you do want another drink, come back later to the venue for more!
    - If you can tip the venue host, do it! Refills cost money.
    - Go places & Get drunk! \o/
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  2. Kay T

    Kay T New Member

    Round #1: 25 drinks at 16 locations


    Round #2: 40 drinks at 24 locations
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  3. Chompers

    Chompers Member

    Still some hours in the day - this would benefit from a crawl type system - start in one place at one time and move as a big ass blob of drunk ppl.
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  4. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    Nice! What kind of lot is the Ice Castle?

    EdIt: ROFL @ Chompers
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  5. Kay T

    Kay T New Member

    A service lot, currently in Top 10. A beautiful one, too!

    Daaaaamn, that's brilliant! Gotta keep in mind for the next year, maybe!

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