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    Hey people...
    I was posting about this in the Facebook group, and talking about it in the #freeso channel on discord, and I honestly forgot about these forums. Anyway, after mentioning such an event, people are asking me for more information. Welllllllll.... back in the olden golden times, Jessie Taylor (sim name) founded a touring event once a week if possible. What he would do is get a group of people who let him know ahead of time they were interested... we would go to various lots and spend 20-25 minutes (I don't remember, someone can give me the exact time amount) long enough for whoever is living there, to recieve a bonus, I believe it kicks in the next day. This happens frequently with 2 of the lots I room in, and I don't pay attention when it kicks in, when they're busy etc. Anyway if there are more crowded places, we won't stay too long, just long enough maybe to green, look around, say hi, or what have you, because nobody ikes not being able to get into a popular lot because it's full, right? :) This tour is free, who you pay, if you choose to pay anyone along the tour is completely up to you. I don't pay anyone for being part of the tour.. I just ask for now that you let me know ahead of time, and that you either own a lot or are in a lot, and please do not make a reservation with me then decide to go to work. LOL. Please message me on Discord in chat for more info if you need... or look for my event I created on Facebook in the events section of the Freeso Comsfmunity group. My Usernames in game: TealaAKAAutumnBreeze (used for the tour) the event page tells where and when to meet... my other sims are Teala... and the other is, Teala Or Autumn Breeze (which I want to delete and just make Autumn Breeze... Waaaaa)
    A completely random side note, go look in discord chatter, and in the news I think... if you were happy with the text to speech, you can toggle it back on if you want. My vision is't always the greatest as I do have legal blindness, so it comes in handy but I am not letting it stop me from playing. :) Thanks!!!
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    An addendum........ if you are interested in the tour but cannot attend because you have to keep your lot open, let me know and if there's time, we will give you a courtesy visit. Those on the tour (who actually sign up... which nobody officially has)... I'll check with the house owner to see if I can start a legacy list of visited lots. =)

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