Starting from 20,000$ to 0$

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Simmer, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Simmer

    Simmer New Member

    I am watching some videos on FreeSO and it appears as if players got 20,000$ but when I joined I got 0$, let me start off by saying this is kinda unfair to the joining new players, and that I think we should be able to have as much money as we need to get started. Please alter this amount, even if it is by 50$
  2. PhoenixWolf17130

    PhoenixWolf17130 New Member

    I think it's a bug they are having now. I think you're supposed to start off with money.
  3. Pepulio

    Pepulio New Member

    They had to change it to 0 due to people abusing it by making new accounts and transferring it. This is just the beta, and in a few months everything on the server will be reset so it's not truly a huge deal. None of the things on the server are there to stay.
  4. PhoenixWolf17130

    PhoenixWolf17130 New Member

    Well, thank you for telling us!
  5. Raeven

    Raeven Active Member

    Using any solo money object, on any lot for about 10 minutes will give you more than 50 bucks.

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