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    Players 18 or more logic points should be able to swipe objects of a someone lot. To do this succesfully, one would have to click on the interaction on the floor ("swipe something") and should carry their arse away as fast as possible from the lot without being caught. After (s)he leaves, the owner and roomates will be notified that their stuff were stolen (which can't be returned). They should also have the ability to pick pocket others (though they will have to be cautions, because this will immediately notify the victim that they were robbed).

    If the owners catched the kleptomaniac/shop-lifter in act, (s)he can kick him from the lot - which in doing so would cause the stolen object to be reset on the lot, returned where it was left of before it got stolen. If the visitors witness a theft, they can call the police (more about that secondary career in depth in a other upcoming thread).

    There will also be burglar alarms. With these ones, If the person tries to leave the room or outdoors (if the alarm respectively place there) (for outdoors, maybe it should be limited to a few titles?) with the stolen good, the alarm presented in the room will be triggered and will start beeping and that way it will catch the attention of the owner to take acts or it could just send the emergency signal to the police department and take actions if the owner is afk

    To balance and not leave this feature to overpowered, it should only work during night time (from 7 pm to 8 am). Players with this interaction unlock will only able to perform it threefold times per night.

    I thought of this idea and wish it were implanted (and no, not that I want to steal stuff lol), because it would another level of depth, diversive and a little suprising challenge/consequences on the way. Life isn't all that sunshine and rainbows.
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    Hmm, at first I thought hell no, but this would be kinda funny to put in!

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