Store etiquette?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ernst, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Ernst

    Ernst New Member

    When is it ok to ask for a lower price?
  2. Fawn

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    Hi Ernst,

    Depending on how set up the shop is, roomies there can purchase items from the catalog at a maximum of 60% off the catalog price. Thus a lot of stores offer a 50% off discount which is fair considering they are only profiting 10%. If you hover over an item you want to buy you can see the original catalog price and then the price they are selling it for. Some shops are generous enough to make 0 profit and sell items 60% off, but I don't think people should complain at 50% off. Again this depends on how set up the shop is, so they might not be able to get a 60% off discount if they are a new or smaller store.
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  3. Ernst

    Ernst New Member

    It appears that most stores follow a standard 50% off the catalog price..,
    Do people generally ask for discounts or is it considered impolite to ask?
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  4. Fawn

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    Most people are happy with 50%, although if you are buying in bulk I guess that makes it ok to ask for 55% off or so. I have never personally asked for a discount or seen anyone do it. Some stores automatically discount further in bulk. If I do not like the prices myself, I just try another store :) I wouldn't say it's impolite but it can look a bit ungrateful if the store is already well discounted.
  5. Wink TartanBelle

    Wink TartanBelle New Member

    As IRL, I don't hesitate to ask for a discount when purchasing in bulk, or if I am setting up a new lot and am buying a HUGE number of items at once. I might also speak to a store owner about hooking me up with all the items I need for a lot at a discount over the period of a week or whatever, at a 55% discount. That 5% adds up quickly and can make the difference between a lux finish and meh. We all know the actual price of the finite items available, so what you are really negotiating is the time and effort of the store keeper. If you have a list and are ready to purchase on the spot, it's minimal effort. Only difference for me is the crafted items. Not 100% success rate and the investment is pretty high. Those I just shop around for the best price. Same with the clothing, just shop it. If no discount is negotiated, I'd look for a better price. but ALWAYS be polite. No one OWES you a deeper discount.
    NOTE: All negotiations should be done privately in PM!!! NOT in open property chat!

    ETA: I don't nor have I ever owned or roomed at a store in FSO.
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