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    Since I remember I always loved to build in The Sims and I also love well-designed architecture. That's where my idea to open an architectural studio came out!
    I'd like to present to you Studio7 - a fictional studio based in Sunrise Crater (Lot name: Studio Seven). You can see Studio7 website and choose from a small selection of luxurious & minimal house projects. It's a perfect option for people who don't like to build in The Sims or want to choose a ready stylish house.


    How does it work?
    Step 1: select a project & contact Rocky Doo or visit STUDIO SEVEN lot when avaible.
    Step 2: invite Rocky Doo to your lot and grant him a roommate & builder permission on your lot.
    Step 3: transfer amount of Simoleons to him and he'll start building on a selected location.

    Is this secure?
    I guarantee that I'll never steal your money, your lot items and take advantage of being temporarily a roommate & builder on your lot. I take this very seriously so if you feel there's something wrong you can always whitelist me from your lot and report to the staff.

    Soon there will be more house projects! More info on STUDIO7 website. If you need anything from me just contact me in the game - my nick is Rocky Doo.
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