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Discussion in 'Support' started by usrc_zero, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. usrc_zero

    usrc_zero New Member

    I'm from Korea and a lot of times, I get disconnected, and certain things do not refresh and etc.

    I didn't know that Sims Online was such a ping-based game?...

    Would there any good way to make this better? (except VPN)
  2. Troy Kristoffer

    Troy Kristoffer New Member

    Well, it's in "beta" at the moment. Things are still being fixed up. The connection issues seem to have gotten worse after the last update, and I know they are working on it. :) Everyone gets disconnected often lately. Just a part of playing a game that is still being put together.

    The reason it is so different than TSO is because they have changed the servers and are rebuilding the game from the ground up. It's not just the same TSO game it was. So they are bound to have problems here and there.
    If you want to keep informed about the status and updates, join the FreeSO Discord channel. They announce and chat about it all day there:

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