Suggestion - QoL adjustments to selling money objects

Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by nohzdive, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. nohzdive

    nohzdive New Member

    I've noticed that there's a slight inconsistency with selling money objects, specifically with the gnomes, jams, and easels. (I haven't tried the pinatas and boards yet.)
    This isn't an urgent thing at all and is just a suggestion, but what if the gnome and jam celebration animation was changed to match the easel celebration animation? Selling a painting makes your sim go though an uncancellable "woohoo!" animation, but it's less than a second and lets you queue up another painting action again pretty quickly. Selling gnomes and jams makes your Sim go though a longer, uncancellable "woohoo!" animation which is a mild annoyance when your attention isn't 100% on FreeSO and want to maximize profit. Another suggestion would be to remove the "woohoo!" standing animations when a Sim sells or allow for queueing of a "make object" action just to make the money grinding process a little smoother and easier to optimize.

    FreeSO isn't broken and unplayable with how sims celebrate when they sell, but I do imagine that it'd be a welcomed quality of life adjustment.

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