Suggestion - reverse the solo object participation bonus nerf

Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by Chompers, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Gonna be the first to throw my hat in the ring here and suggest the nerf to solo object participation bonus is making things worse. Solo objects were already the worst way to make money in game by a country mile, and now they're significantly worse. Hitting the max participation bonus is nearly impossible now, and the amount paying out per object is like 30% less than what it was pre patch... rendering solo objects pretty useless. As a result no balance has been achieved, instead having solo objects becoming virtually a waste of time. The solo objects IMO were in a good place before in terms of making cash relative to multiuser and jobs, the communities problem with only making jam I think stems from other issues including a lack of afk timeouts and low pop herd mentality - leading everyone to just do the same activity and be encouraged to do activities that involve more afk instead of group objects and jobs. The things that need to change about solo objects IMO is not in the participation bonus - that is a greatly positive tool toward getting people to play together - but in bringing all eight of the objects to the same rough hourly rates, seeing as they all have different yields and wildly different completion durations. I agree that we need to encourage people to more active ways of spending their time like jobs and group objects, but I don't think this nerf helps with that in a significant way and serves more to make a large part of the game less effective instead of more feasible in the role which it's meant to serve.

    <3 Chompers
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    Solo objects are not meant to be a good way of making money - active participation should award a clear benefit. Encouraging 16 people to afk interact with a jam table is not encouraging them to "play together".

    The participation bonus was nerfed because the multiplier was ridiculous, and people were easily earning more than pizza and code. By standing in place. Not because group participation itself is a bad thing.
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    OH! I knew they were meant to be the worst income but it never occurred to me that they were not meant to a good way of making money full stop. That's a but of a bummer. It renders any money lots that want to theme for solo objects kinda useless, really. All proper money lots should really just focus on the Big Four (when available) and anything else is decoration.

    I know everyone plays a bit differently and I am aware that you don't have to time to actually play as much, but for me the 'jam house' style lots ARE actually more interaction. Despite the ridiculous and rampant 'complaining' on discord, plenty of us do NOT AFK at the solo objects. We chat with each other. In a group object I pretty much ignore the room and only pay attention to the other 2 or 3 people I am teamed up with.
    Of course, chatting may not be what you have in mind as active participation.
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    Yes, solo objects are there for starters, or for making money when you really need to be afk, but they should never be rewarding.
    It should always stay like this:

    Jobs > Group Money > Solo Money

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