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Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by Titowam, Mar 21, 2017.

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    I know that you used to hand out §20,000 to people who started until people started to abuse the system, but maybe you could implement a system that when you reach a specific point in the game (a specific job level, level 5 in a skill, played 10 hours or something like that) you get a simoleon bonus. Of course, it should only be handed out once in the game to start you off. It's quite slow to earn money right now, which in a way is good, because it makes you feel like you've truly worked for something, but for impatient people (like me), to have a goal to try to achieve and be rewarded in the process would be great.
    I'm not saying you should hand out §20,000 when you reach a specific level, something like §2,500 would be enough as well, or §1,000 or maybe even §250? Just something to aim for, basically!

    Doesn't have to be simoleons either, a free (small) lot could work too, or maybe some furniture (if possible).

    EDIT: Aaaand I posted in the wrong forum. I'm sorry, I'm tired D: Can an admin move the thread?
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  2. I like this idea, I know the job competition got me to really work on advancing my waitressing career. Now I play it because the money is actually good. Once you get to level 3 it becomes worth it to go to work. The idea of being able to earn rewards sounds fun, I would even prefer object rewards over money, for the most part.
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