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  1. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Neighbourhoods are coming to FreeSO, but with an entirely new system that adds new ways for sims to interact with each other, and build more complex communities. For more info, check out the latest post on the blog! We're still developing the feature, but there are a lot of neighbourhoods to give names and descriptions, and we'd like you to help us.

    This will be a little different from the object description contest - we don't have the time to poll names, descriptions and layouts for all neighbourhoods, and votes for layouts might even invalidate previous votes for neighbourhood names if their location is to change, or if they stop existing.

    This thread and forum section is for posting your suggestions for names, descriptions and revised locations for the neighbourhoods in Sunrise Crater, our primary city.

    Preliminary Layout

    The layout shown above is a rough arrangement of neighbourhoods showing how I think they should be placed on the map - on key landmarks and with a somewhat regular spacing. Nearly all of these names are fallback names, which will be used if we don't receive any appropriate suggestions for that neighborhood's name. It's likely that I'll change some of the fallback names by the time we fully release neighbourhoods, but I'm hoping you guys can come up with better ones til then.

    Some things will not change:
    • The location and name of the central neighbourhood, which currently contains the Sunrise Crater Town Hall. This neighbourhood will also have a fixed town hall, and lot purchases will be blocked.
    • Neighbourhood name and description for Trio Lake.
    • Neighbourhood location over Pleasant Village, Trio Lake, Strangetown, Turtle Rock, Three Spikes.

    Suggestion Format

    Pick one or more neighbourhoods in the preliminary layout above, and suggest any of the following (not necessarily all 3):
    • A name for that Neighbourhood.
    • A description for the Neighbourhood. It should probably fit its name, and have a short (usually humorous) description covering the land's appearance, a fictional history and other defining factors. See the object descriptions for a good example of potential neighbourhood descriptions - the city descriptions over on are also a good place to start.
    • A different arrangement of neighbourhoods in a set area, or a location change for an existing neighbourhood. (do not suggest arrangements for the entire city, that will conflict directly with everyone else's suggestions)
    Only suggest a neighbourhood location change if you have a clear vision for a better layout, as it might invalidate other people's existing suggestions! I'd recommend getting together with people you want to live in a neighbourhood with, then brainstorming a name and description for a location you're all interested in.

    Post suggestions for uncontested regions in this thread. If an area has a few different suggestions, you should start a thread in this forum section to work out a final name and description together. Hell, start a thread even if it's just you but you have a

    The Art of Subtlety
    Since this is a community driven effort, I encourage not only names that are original, but also names that reference The Sims series and that reference aspects of the TSO/FreeSO community. However, I need to ask that you keep it subtle. Referencing prominent events, players and properties in descriptions is a great reminder of what we have experienced, but has a lot of potential to be.... tacky. Neighbourhood names should always be a fitting name for a location - it shouldn't be too forced unless you're going for comedic effect. Prominent land features in the neighbourhood region are always a good starting point, and are also good to make reference to in the description.

    Examples of really bad names (names taken for example):

    Examples of good names that subtly reference the community:
    • Central Crater Cove (referencing triple-c)
    • Trio Lake (reference to freeso pre-beta days, but you wouldn't know at a glance)
    • Isla Centrino (borderline, but still good)
    • While the examples on the preliminary layout don't often reference the community, they're good examples of location names.

    OK, so half of those bad examples were jokes, but you get the idea. The exception to this rule is the neighbourhood currently dubbed "Strangetown", which is literally a carbon copy of Strangetown from TS2 rather than a nod.

    If you want to make believable names, try using appropriate words from this wikipedia page:

    Neighbourhood Location Suggestions - How does it work?
    You can't suggest an arbitrary outline for a neighbourhood! Neighbourhoods are defined by a point location on the map - the region affected by the neighbourhood consists of all of the tiles that are closer to that neighbourhood than any other. A neighbourhood can also increase or decrease its area of effect, which will skew the range at which divider lines are present, though this is not yet supported. This region is created via a Voronoi Tessellation, which you can find more information on here:

    Your best bet for a location suggestion is a rough drawing of a convex area, which I can attempt to recreate within the tessellation on my dev build. The screenshot below shows the preliminary layout with centers highlighted with large black squares. It should be easy enough to get a grasp of how things work from the screenshot, and the wiki page above.

    Start thinking about your lot location!
    The two neighbourhoods with the highest number of visitor hours will be the only ones with the Mayor feature enabled on the first month, so you should consider the location of your lot wisely. (over the following months, this number will increase) Everyone will obviously get a fresh start at picking a location once we launch the game, but now's a good time to get into the right mindset.

    Suggestions are welcome on both this thread and others in this section. Get to it!
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  2. Fawn

    Fawn Member


    Here are a few of my suggestions :p, I will add more as I think of them! The first few have more serious descriptions but I will try to think of some more historical references from the game :).

    1. Neighbourhood Name: Serpent’s Spine [or Serpent’s Shore] (Previously Sunset Strait, could be extended slightly for the full shape)
      Neighbourhood Description: Rumour has it that several thousands of years ago, a snake fell from the sky in Sunrise Crater and smashed into the ground between the ocean and a nearby lake, forming a clear imprint of it's twisted body. In reality it’s just a natural river formed by erosion, but everyone loves a good fairy tale, right? Offering plenty of greenery and endless golden sands, it’s a great place to set up a permanent vacation home!

    2. Neighbourhood Name: Clover Heights (Previously Three Spikes, the lake on a hill)
      Neighbourhood Description: Perched on the edge of the scenic countryside, Clover Heights offers the ideal location to avoid the city buzz without being in the middle of nowhere. An ample lake provides the perfect retreat to sit back and enjoy what nature has to offer, with the added perk of being able to spy on the neighbours downhill. They say four leaf clovers are known to bring good fortune, as for who "they" are, well we'll never know.

    3. Neighbourhood Name: Aurora Mesa (Previously Freezsolid Peak, on top of the mountain)
      Neighbourhood Description: As one of the highest points in Sunrise Crater, you can expect to be snowed in on a regular basis. The elevation from sea level means clear skies at night are a huge perk, with Aurora lights being one of the major attraction points to this area. As long as you have a plentiful supply of hot water bottles and own a lot of firewood, you should have no issues settling down here.
    Some further additions:

    1. Plumbob Reefs (Mesa Mesa)
      Several years ago, a strange, luminous glow began to emanate from the depths of the ocean. The source of this anomaly is yet to be discovered, but residents from the local island are torn between a possible natural phenomenon or perhaps stray radioactive material dumped by pirates. As each year passes the green lights seem to rise nearer to the surface, now that could just be global warming, or it could be imminent mass death.. I guess only time will tell.

    2. Travellers Barrens (Riverblossom Ravines)
      This dried out wasteland does not have much to offer in terms of beauty, but if you are looking for a place to escape the rest of the world, then feast your eyes on an abundance of nothingness. Many weary hikers stop here to rejuvenate before the strenuous task of ascending the mountain, assuming they can find an operational place of respite. Just be sure to pack some sandwiches because the wild harvestables are a bit too petrified to be edible.

    3. Lumberborough (Pleasant Village)
      This up and coming location is becoming renowned for it’s high quality oak and pine export. The area has begun to fill up as entrepreneurs and lumberjacks alike are settling down in the hopes to earn simoleons. If you decide to set up shop here then be sure to buy a bear alarm, as the growing industry has begun to invade their territory and they are not happy about it!

    4. Little Cornerstone (Charvatia Creek)
      Although this tiny town is a tremendous hike from central Sunrise Crater, it serves as an important connection between the two sides of the river. Without this bridge, sims would have to travel hours by cab to visit their friends across the water! Due to its role in city transport, tourists flock through here on their travels and as a bonus tend to take a moment to gaze in awe over the edge of the map into the void.

    5. Fisherman's Front (Lochside)
      This aquatic haven offers the finest fishing opportunities up river. Whether you are after trout or pike, buy or rent a rod and grab a boat to reach the central waters. The local pros say the water always seems to restock itself overnight, so the fishing never ends! Unexpectedly, the majority of fish caught here ends up in pet kibble; fish oils are vital in keeping fluffy coats glossy.
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  3. calibula39

    calibula39 New Member

    METROMe gustaría donde está mi residencia se llamará El monte de Shangrila
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  4. Ice Cool

    Ice Cool Member

    Neighborhood Name: Meandering Mire (The Great Swamp)
    Description: Some say the best things happen by accident. That's what the folks who live waterside in the mire will tell you. The swampy wetland was formed by a long period of flooding and waste dumping at the local MOMI robot factory. The waste has long been cleaned and what is left is a thriving residential area. Enjoy the local fishing, but don't eat what you catch.

    Some alternatives: Sanitary Swamp, Mopped-Up Mire, Wasteland Wetland, Mellow Marsh, MOMI Mire

    Feel free to make suggestions! I thought a cover-up of waste water pollution would make for a fun backstory
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  5. Maritzestar

    Maritzestar New Member

    Greetings. I have some contributions as well - and hopefully, I will add more in the near future. Enjoy! ;)

    Spitze Bens (Alpine Village)
    This white upland has over time brought people together who are really passionate about living on the very peaks up North. All the "walk up here" and "run down here" as the locals call it, have made the residents of Spitze Bens the most thick-skinned in the whole city. Still, they say it is worth it because they get to see the rare, freezing bunnies jump around every now and then.

    Bhugarbha Triangle (Overpopulated)
    Why is everyone wearing those shorts? Why are there so many of them? Why are all the shorts-wearers living there? When you ask the Bhubarbhan people these questions, they will mostly just answer strangers with two-letter abbreviations that visitors are unable to decode. So, to learn how to understand all these abbreviations, many people have over time moved to the Bhugarbha Triangle. And they eventually understood! Strangely, no one ever seemed to move away from the place again which makes it a crowded place to live.

    Xanadune (Multilevel Metropolis)
    "Now we are here in Xanadune!" First the bards sang it, then the street performers and now Xanadune has grown into a place filled with sims eager to express their creativity, no matter how high up the dune or the social hierarchy they are! No one in Xanadune feel like they are too good to not burst into song and confess their love in a heartfelt song to a complete stranger! Unconditional love and the ability to bond over creativity (because everyone seems to be on at least 8 on a scale from 0 to 20!) are really what keeps these artists together. Truth is, the inhabitants otherwise seem to disagree on where on the dune it is best to spend the melodic days.

    Eclipsia (Riverblossom Ravines)
    Sunrise Crater is supposedly a city full of sunshine. With all the sunny hills in the crater, there have to be a place in the crater where the sun rarely shines. That place is Eclipsia. Mostly covered in dirt and shadows, this neighborhood is not the most attractive for human sim kind, but instead, it has grown quite attractive for the supernatural kind. That is actually no wonder, since it is so close to another strange neighborhood. Move to Eclipsia to discover what magic hides in this shadowland.

    St. Claus (Freezsolid Peak)
    Welcome to the generous corner of St. Claus! Mostly known for being the place of moose, wonderful spruces and hardworking sims, the people surely know what they are gifted with. Sims who have travelled here have noticed how quiet these open ranges appear to be. Looks can be deceiving, because despite the cold climate, the sims of St. Claus sweat when they are working in that very special factory. Their busyness is seasonal, though. If you happen to be there at the right time, you will be met by generous people and a festive atmosphere!

    Riceport (Charvatia Creek)
    Yum! When these hillocks were first discovered they served the purpose as multilevel rice paddies by the people of the Far East who found them in the first place. Riceport was eventually named after the great harvest. While many sims still prefer the original homecooking, coming to Riceport still is a culinary and cultural experience a Master Maitre D could not even provide!

    Veronica's Village (Sunset Strait)
    Ah, village life! Ah, afternoons at the beach! Ah, flatlands that do not need much tending! If only life in Veronica's Village was that peaceful. Unfortunately, there have not been a moment of peace ever since noblewoman Veronica to runaway from her betrothed to start a new life in this very village with her secret lover. Ever since this incident, secret romances alike along with intrugues and drama has been and everyday thing. Some drama loving sims have moved into this village to either enjoy that drama or the good old village life!

    Ozland (Servo's Slide)
    Are you good or bad? They say that the good go to heaven and the bad go everywhere, but actually... They all are here in Ozland! While that may sound like a call for feuds, Ozland has decided to move forward and celebrate its great diversity among the inhabitants. It is not just the people of Ozland that are diverse. The surroundings here are diverse too, with snowy hills, grassy plains and beautiful, sandy beaches. The only drama you will find in Ozland is staged which is just move to attract sims to this peripheral region.

    Alexonas (First Defense)
    The exotic and tropical location of Alexonas where everyone seems to have a tan! The place is one of the most beautiful in Sunrise Crater with its surroundings and sims with unbelievable good genetics. Intrestingly, most of the population consists of females ever since Tiana Queens and her kind decided to settle on this island. Ever since, these Alexonians have protected the crater and have always welcomed anyone who needed help of would help making an effort somehow.

    Nessie's Loch (Duck Creek)
    Get in CONTROL. Remember the PLUSSES of it. SHIFT yourself until you see her... NESSIE! Up here, an old legend lingers about a sea snake? Dinosaur? Dragon? A monster would be the only proper way to describe the creature that supposedly lives in the sea. Most people consider this the legend of the sea monster an old wives' tale. But without any ability to fish in the lake, will we ever know what really hides in that lake?

    Exohogan (Three Spikes)
    Having another ex is really not as bad as it seems. At least not when it comes to having an adress in Exohogan! The view from the elevated lake is not just a wonderful one. Entering this neighborhood supposedly makes old memories so vivid that it feels like reliving them. Good old memories of sims who used to care so much about you.
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  6. Andrew AOG

    Andrew AOG Member

    Hello! Had an idea, so hopefully you like it! :D
    Eagle's Cliff (Backside)
    Back in the time, when the first sims arrived to Sunrise Crater, this place was the natural habitat of different species of eagles. Unfortunately, a change in the food chain in the zone forced these wonderful birds to migrate to more optimal places. Nevertheless, Eagle's Cliff got to keep its name for times to come. Located in the middle island, this neighbourhood is great to establish a long-lasting business in the spotlight of city life, but with the chance of observing wildlife such as the beautiful ducks swimming on the waters, or the bunnies running across the hills.
  7. Wink TartanBelle

    Wink TartanBelle New Member

    I created a separate thread for discussions regarding the renaming of Waterworld neighborhood.
  8. Wonka1236

    Wonka1236 New Member

    I know that I want Turtle Rock to be changed, it just doesn't fit in well with the other names in my opinion. IDK if this is a good name (I'm still thinking of them) but how about Crumplebottom Cliff. It would obviously be a reference to Ms. Crumplebottom but I don't really have a other reason for it. I guess because Pleasant village is sort of close to pleasantview, and strangetown and pleasantview are both existing things in the sims universe. IDK wedging a turtle between 2 sims things kind of makes it weird... unless there's this turtle reference that I somehow do not get. :confused:
  9. Hira

    Hira New Member

    Hillywood (backside)
    The city where stars were born. Home to the artist and musician. Founded by the nomadic circus performers. Despite their different races, cultures and languages they used arts and music to communicate with each other. Which resulted in many noticable art and music pieces were created , including the iconic "Hillywood" sign. After many generations, the city has become the "heart of entertainment industry".
  10. StardustSapphist

    StardustSapphist New Member

    Great Swamp --> Bluegrass Swamp: Put on your tall rubber boots and come hike in our humble neighborhood! Open your eyes and ears to the nature paradise around you. Breathe in and you'll smell, well, best not to breathe in too hard. Still, knock on any of our doors and we guarantee you will receive the best hospitality. Come for the trees, stay for the stew! Also, it's a misconception that there's a swamp monster; her name is Marigold, and she's actually quite nice and gives out smoothies. See you soon!

    (there is no marigold sim, just making it up)
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  11. Vogue

    Vogue New Member

    All of the lots could be luxury themed with casinos, corporate businesses, and high class hotels as well as other luxury themed lots.

    This could be located where Brassy Islands and Muiltilevel Metropolis is right now.

    Decription: A city where everyone has a nosejob and a million simoleons (or at least, we think everyone does). To thrive in Posh city, you need to crush the souls of your enemies and climb your way to the top. Why can't poor people just buy more simoleons?
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  12. Starburst

    Starburst New Member

    Sunless Canyon (Formerly Tephra? Trail)

    Contrary to the name, Sunless canyon can be a bright and cheery place for any sim to live and visit! Founded in 2002, these sims have been here for awhile. Always heard of them to be greedy and antisocial? Just gossip! We love to just relieve you of your semi-wanted possessions and give you the freedom to do whatever you want away from them. With a long narrow canyon filled with a dense forest and not much else, you won't wonder why this place is where the sun don't shine!

    Maybe move the location slightly more into the canyon to capture it a bit better. I dunno. This was also a suggestion.
  13. Hira

    Hira New Member

    Atlantica Ocean (Specific Ocean)
    10% of land and 90% of ocean, it seems to be the least number residents living here. Are you sure we are the only specie living here? The legend says, deep down into the sea, there is a mermaid kingdom called "Atlantica". Once in a blue moon the mermaid will come to the seashore, singing entrancing songs and disappear at dawn leave only sparkling pearls as their traces.
  14. WendyB

    WendyB New Member

    Neighbourhood Name: SeaScapes (Previously Backside)
    Neighbourhood Description: Experience the views, the cab free ride to work, and the Island dwellers who live in the shade Phantom flooding is real..
  15. Wink TartanBelle

    Wink TartanBelle New Member

    Can we suggest names/descriptions for neighborhoods other than the one we reside in? I've got some ideas rattling around in my head for a few other areas.
  16. Fawn

    Fawn Member

    Of course :D it's a free for all!
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  17. Wink TartanBelle

    Wink TartanBelle New Member

    Voronoi Village (currently called Pleasant Village): Advanced mathematical concepts and geometric alchemy helped create this serene neighborhood that feels like it perches on the edge of the known world. While you may not be able to appreciate the science, you'll undoubtedly appreciate the fact that you can't fall off. Expand your horizons and rest assured that it's safe living on the edge in Voronoi Village!

    Holoscenic Mountains (Currently called Servo's slice): This scenic mountain range, created of stone from the Holocene age, offers some of the most scenic views in Sunrise Crater. Build your mountain home or shore side hideaway to take advantage of the natural beauty on display in this vast slice of Paradise.

    Tessellation Shores (currently called First Defense): This collection of tropical islands features a large island with snow capped peaks embraced by several smaller islets featuring sandy beaches. As if this wasn't enough, Mother Nature has also provided a spectacular waterfall! The lucky residents of this neighborhood will never lack for scenic inspiration or sun drenched splendor.

    As with all of my other proposed ideas, please feel free to edit, switch locations, or use any part you like as needed.
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  18. Butterflycake

    Butterflycake New Member

    Alpine overview I'd like to be Butterfly Valley looks like a nice peaceful secluded place.
    Sunset Strait I'd like its name to be Snake-Back River because it looks like a snake
    Mountaintop I'd like its name to be Diamond Peak cause it looks like a diamond could be at the top
    Great Swamp I'd like its name to be Black Lagoon because it looks dark and mysterious.
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  19. Butterflycake

    Butterflycake New Member

    Butterfly Valley (Alpine overview) This place used to have some of the rarest and most beautiful butterflies flying around in great big packs. One day a scientist dedicated to the research of butterflies got permission to go into the butterfly sanctuary to study them, but when he got there, He didn't see any butterflies at all. Many years later people started to live here, and it's rumored that the butterflies that once lived here have been seen flying around the lake higher up in the mountain.
    Snake-Back River (Sunset Strait) You'd think that there would be snakes, but there are not any here, or at least that's what's believed. A giant sea snake with vibrant green scales has been rumored to have been spotted swimming down the winding cures of the river. It has been said that there is a giant sea snake lives in the water by Lochside.
    Diamond Peak (Mountaintop) Is their diamond at the peak of this mountain? Many who have come to this island to mountain climb came with the lure of becoming rich, but no one has seen the diamonds there are supposed to be up there. Those that have been up there say even though we did not find any diamonds the view was well worth it.
    The Black Lagoon (Great Swamp) This is where all the dark and creepy monsters are said to have come from. People say that all the monsters live at the bottom of the swamp and come crawling out of the swamp in the middle of the night and lurk about. Mysterious things have also been said to happen in this area like how some explorers that camped out there near the water's edge went missing. The strangest part is that all there stuff was left at the campsite and set up when people came to look for them, and no one knows where they are to this day.
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  20. Seranilk

    Seranilk New Member

    Remington's Reef - (First Defence)

    That moment when you meet a sim named ‘Remington’ and ask yourself “Who would be so cruel as to name their child this?” The answer: All first sons on the reef are named Remington, after their fathers, their father's fathers and their father's father's fathers.

    Corn's Cobb - (Cutt's Corner)

    Legendary sim, Corny Cobb, stood atop this mountainous landscape and his breath was taken away. Literally. He tragically died moments later due to the area's overwhelming beauty. Or a heart attack (some say). But isn't the other story much more romantic?

    Isla Tortuga - (Dragon's Isle)

    Some say this island is formed from a fossilised giant sea turtle.

    Salmon Mere - (Loch Side)

    The only neighborhood where sims are outnumbered by salmon. A popular spot for resident sim-bears.

    Quack's Creek - (Duck Creek)

    Named for the colloquially-known Grand Ducks (sp. Patus Giganticus) who built their nests here.

    Lunaria Lake - (Lake Anamo)

    Named after the mythical moon goddess of Sunrise Crater, Lunaria.

    Wamapoke Hills - (Tephra Trail)

    Named after the indigenous Wamapoke tribe and their primitive casino.

    Mozzarella Canyon - (Riverblossom Ravines)

    A location to learn about all things pizza. Wander around this most natural of habitats where wild Mozzarella grows. You'll hit the motherlode if you spot the elusive “Large Cheese”. It is extremely skittish.
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