Sunrise Crater SNATCH GAME!

Discussion in 'Player Properties and Events' started by Lady K, May 11, 2017.

  1. Lady K

    Lady K New Member

    It's a celebrity impersonation extravaganza!!!
    On Monday, May 15th, things are coming... so why not celebrate with a good old fashioned game show!!
    Contestants will be asked to impersonate their favorite celebrities while answering a series of questions. The goal is the game is to MAKE ME LAUGH, so take a shot and step up to the game plate!

    We will be hosting at Almost Abandoned Circus, under the Games Tab, on Monday May 15th @ 6pm Toronto Time. There is a Facebook Event that you're welcome to respond to for this event, at

    Good luck, and DON'T f*ck it up! :eek:)
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  2. Lady K

    Lady K New Member

    Just an update, I've decided to move this event to TUESDAY, MAY 16TH, AT 6PM EST. This is to avoid any potential conflicts with the upcoming update.
    Thanks for understanding :)
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