[Task 1] Translating Object Strings

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    NOTE: You do not need to translate into another real language to complete this task, only demonstrate an understanding of how it works and attempting a modification.
    To complete this task, all you need to do is modify the strings for one or more objects to support some language other than English(US). There is a tutorial for this available here:


    Only the tutorial above is required for this task. You will also be required to use the Object Browser to find objects of interest.

    Submitting Feedback:

    After translating your object, go open up the main window, go to the Resources tab, and click "Save All". This will save your changes to "Content/User/objectname.str.piff" relative to the FreeSO folder, where objectname is name of the object file you modified.

    Upload all files like these to the internet somehow, and create a post like below showing screenshots of it in action and linking to the files. You should also include some feedback on how it went - this is the most important part!!!
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    Example Feedback:

    upload_2016-2-26_15-12-25.png upload_2016-2-26_15-12-45.png

    I modified the Aquarium object to have different strings for "English (UK)", for the catalog, dialogs and interactions. Here is the .str.piff file that you can use to verify this:

    Switching language set was a little confusing, I'd like it more if it showed the active language set initially. The Save button seems to be lit up for strings all the time, so I'm not sure if I accidentally made any modifications since the last time I saved.
    Things I liked:
    It was rather easy to change strings in interactions and dialog boxes. This task was simple to do even without any knowledge of SimAntics.
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    My "Experience" with The language translations

    First, I choose the object, and then started the editions in "Tree Tables" and "Strings" (Dialog prim string set) that they were Defined to Portuguese.. I admit that I had difficulty at first but I got used to the time

    112.png 113.png


    The good and bad points:

    The Good point:

    The Good point, and IDE interface, which is simple,and not too complicated to use.

    The Bad point:

    The Bad point,For some people can be a bit confusing, translate .. if not pay much attention, can translate over another language

    What can improve:

    This part of translation that could be a little more streamlined, adding next to the name, the flag
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  4. I chose the object and decided to first edit the description and the name of it to Portuguese and then the interactions..It was not as difficult as I expected



    archive: https://mega.nz/#!Xh0EDDAK!1fVzAZxdmKMbCiC0ozslp4MTyeV68Oj8-rMf5Y-R9Hc

    The Good point:

    not too complicated to use.

    The Bad point:

    it is a little confusing for beginners

    What can improve:

    would like a better interface for beginners
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    I'm going to attempt to do all of the tasks, including the re-textures and custom objects, because why the hell not?
    This task was actually rather easy, like @ultra_herickvvb said.
    These are translated into English (UK), so use -lang2 on launch.
    I've gone ahead and modified the Computer - Laptop (Intel) / "The Roamstation", you can download the .str.piff here:
    Things I liked:
    - Quite easy to use, thought this would be much harder considering what the IDE used to be like.
    - Lots of features!
    - Really fun to use as well :)
    - The interface is a little complex and confuse new users or those that aren't very familiar with the inner workings of the game.
  6. francot514

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    fsotask1.png This This is my task 1 completed.

    -Liked: Was easy to modify, without need of experience.

    -Problems: Save resource changes is not in same menu as object edit window, so after you complete all changes you can forgot to save those, or made mistake and lost your changes.
  7. RHY3756547

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    Wow, thanks for putting the effort into this! If I get close to 10 responses, it should be good enough, so long as the feedback is detailed enough. ;)
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    I too will attempt to do all the tasks. Though "attempt" will most likely be the operative word. :p
    This place even makes you more comfortable!
    Example of an edited dialog message:
    (No one dies from heart failure, that is!)

    I modified the Food Counter - McDonalds FoodKiosk object to have different strings for "English (US)", text stings for the catalog, dialogs and interactions. Here is the .str.piff file that you can use to verify that I did in fact do this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/thvx4txbjmh7llu/foodcounter.str.piff?dl=0
    Things I didn't like:
    1. After selecting "Edit this object" The window that shows up could potentially be overwhelming to first timers.
    2. I did this once or twice, I go to another string to edit, forgetting to save the one I just changed. Perhaps a dialog saying I haven't saved?
    Things I liked:
    1. It felt and looked like this was a powerful content-creating software. It feels like with the options that are shown, and future options to come will give this game a very powerful content-creating fan base.
    2. The program itself looks very professional and clean.
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  9. tsomatt

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    I modified the "Retro" bookshelf to have different strings for the English (UK) catalog, interactions, and dialogues.
    File is here: http://www.tsomania.net/special/bookcases2.str.piff

    - Initially I assumed the modified strings would save automatically before switching to a different string in the list. I had to go back and re-enter the string and click save. A warning that a modified string hasn't been saved before switching would be ideal to prevent lost work.
    - When switching the language in one area of the UI (catalog strings) then switching to another (tree tables) the language is set back to the default. It would be nice if the language your currently working on is set everywhere.

    Things I Liked:

    - The whole process of modifying strings for the catalog and interactions was very intuitive. I didn't have to spend any time searching for the string I was looking to modify, everything was where I expected it to be.
    - All the files required were saved to the proper location and ready for use in the game immediately.

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  10. JWofles

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    I modified the easel and the weird elephant end table on the french language.
    I found it annoying having to restart the program to change language but I'm pretty sure you're on that already?


    - When I was looking for the end table, I was hoping it'd be similar to the ingame name however, it was named 'Table - End - Vegas 1', so at first I had to search through and click 'edit object' to see what all the end tables looks like to find this. I know you can't change the names of all the objects so they match ingame but, could you add an image/render similar to the edit object one when you click an object? idk.
    - When editing a string and click off without saving because you forgot, you lose the string, this meant I had to retype a couple of things. Maybe you could make a pop up asking if you've saved?
    - Sometimes there was a lot on a section, how hard would it be to make sections hideable? If you're translating stuff, you don't need to see the other stuff that takes up 80% of the window. would be cool to have it but not if it takes a lot of work.
    - I feel like translating all the end table interactions would be a pain (because they're all the same), is there a bulk string editor so you don't have to keep clicking different end tables and copying and paste things?

    Things I liked:
    I couldn't find a lot of problems because this process was so easy to do/use (if that makes sense).
    - I loved the object searcher apart from the issue mentioned about, very simple to look at.
    - Even though there's a lot of stuff, I never got lost and everything looks nice and it's not cluttered imo.

    Not much else to say, I can't think of any better ways that string editing could be implemented this easy, awesome job!
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  11. TheMarshmallowBear

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    I decided to introduce the world to Sir General Grizzly Bear, the saviour of the Ursine people.

    I first needed to change the game language and created a "Bear.dir", sadly this was a waste of time as the game wouldn't be able to properly recognize it. But I did manage to change the "Downloading Splines" string into "Loading Bear Paws" using Bear.dir and changing the config file.. so there's that.

    After realizing I need to use lang3 setup, I opened IDE and changed the Bear Statue's (known bts as Sculpture - Chainsaw) name to something more propagandistic.


    IDE continues to be a pain with avast!, preventing to start forcing me to de-activate avast in order to use IDE. Another problem for me was how languages are recognized, realizing that in-game object strings are switched by using command line as opposed to the config ffile. The IDE also did not for me display in-game sprites unless I "Edited" them.


    In general, the task was as simple as it gets. Strings were easy to access, translate and the UI of the IDE provided everything I needed. There were no hiccups from the program itself (and most hiccups occured outside the program).


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Exact Task List

    STEP 1. - I created a new "language" and created a folder called "bear.dir"

    STEP 2. - I then added the CurrentLang and set it to Bear so the game would recognize my strings.

    STEP 3. - To test if the language change worked. I changed "Downloading Reticulated Splines" to "Loading Bear Paws" to see if my change worked.

    STEP 4. - I then tested the game. This was a success (Screenshot Provided).

    ISSUE - As always IDE conitnues to conflict with avast! Requiring me to disable it.

    STEP 5. - I booted IDE and looked for the Wooden Bear Statue, finding it in House Party set of "Sculptures"

    ISSUE - The IDE did not display the objects in the actual browser, not sure if it's because I'm running a lower version or not.

    STEP 6. - I begun to edit "Sculptures - Chainsaw"

    ISSUE - Realizing that "Language Set" did not recognize "Bear". I decided to use "French" instead.

    STEP 7. - I went to Catalog Strings and "translated" Chainsaw's strings into something more worthy of note.

    ISSUE - At first the game didn't seem to recognize the French strings, and I realised I had to start the game using -lang3 in order for it to work.

    STEP 8. - I then checked my transalted strings and was happy to see Sir General Grizzly Bear in his Ursine Glory!
  12. RHY3756547

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    Thanks for the detailed feedback! Unfortunately object and UI language are currently decoupled, since the game expects integer codes for objects and a string name for the UI. I'll make a map to automatically sync these in future.
  13. TheMarshmallowBear

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    No worries :) no need to explain. I got it to work eventually. Hopefully my feedback is on point ;)
  14. Tirea

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    I decided to create a german translation of FSO and so far I've translated quite a bit!
    Here is the forum link for anyone who is interested, I'll release the first version to download very very soon :)

    stereo 1 Kopie.jpg stereo 3 Kopie.jpg

    Thing I liked
    Translating or editing strings is super simple with the IDE, it's create to be abled to get all the information from an object and don't have to run multiple programs, which was the case with TS1.​

    If you translate the tree tables and you have an object that has a lot of functions, its a bit frustrating that the tree table view returns to the top once you type a single character inside the metadata-name field...​
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    I modified the task name for the aluminum shower.



    - Couldn't initially figure out how to select tree tables vs just the standard tree
    - Changing the language was terrifying because I thought I would accidentally change it to a language I couldn't read, lol.

    What I liked
    - Wasn't really that hard, more just figuring out which buttons to click.

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