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  1. SophiaBaby

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    I want to say thank you to the development team for working so hard on this. I know there are a lot of demands and requests right now but thank you for being willing to stick with this! I am so excited.
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  2. Change

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    I would thank them too. I saw one person which was arguing with them, complaining about delaying of beta tests. I don't know how somebody can be so ungrateful. But I want them to know, that We will wait, no matter how long time fixing this will take. They are making a very good job. <3
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  3. Caesum

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    Same here. I am truly puzzled why would anyone complain so much when the team does not owe them anything. It's an unofficial project, made by a team of devoted amateurs, more than that - in a beta state. It's obvious things are not going to work perfectly and the team was not prepared for such a big interest.
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