The Burger Clown!

Discussion in 'Player Properties and Events' started by BozoTheClown, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. BozoTheClown

    BozoTheClown New Member

    Welcome to The Burger Clown!
    Come enjoy a burger and maybe have some ice cream!
    After eating have some fun in the game room with pool and pinball machines
    Burger clown.PNG
    And go to the second floor to play with a model train set and battle someone with the war game!
    Burger clown 2.PNG
    Times: Opens at random times so if it's open don't be afraid to stop by!
    Lot name: The Burger Clown
    Lot type: Service
    Owner name: Bozo TheClown
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  2. Lady K

    Lady K New Member

    As a fellow clown and owner of Almost Abandoned Circus, I fully endorse this lot and theme. Where on the map is your lot located?? We should start a Clown Business Bureau for Sunrise Crater ;o)
  3. ron1

    ron1 Member

    I love the rise of this new clown race. But are the burgers made of real clown meat?
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  4. BozoTheClown

    BozoTheClown New Member

    (I forgot to check the forums whoops)
    @Lady K We should start a Clown Business Bureau sometime! Also forgot to put where is Burger Clown is... Whereisburgerclown.PNG
    @ron1 The Clowns are taking over freeso one by one! The Clown race will rise!
    Also no our burgers are not made with clowns it's made with the finest unicorn meat money can buy! ;)
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  5. Ianbow

    Ianbow Member

    Should I put a stop to this? I shall let it slide. All hail the Skeleton Clowns!
  6. robotman5

    robotman5 New Member

    Might visit sometime.
  7. Clonest

    Clonest Active Member

    Was looking for something constructive to do while waiting for my next glitchy job shift at the Diner. Why not visit the circus? :D

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