The Busy Bee - New All-in-one Skill Lot

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  1. Tushy

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    Hey everyone! Me and a group of friends have recently fallen prey to the addiction that is FreeSO, and have been playing it pretty consistently over the past two weeks or so. At this point, we have made significant progress on the shared lot that I purchased, and have set it up as a positive environment for Sims all over Sunrise Crater to come and hang out, socialize, and most importantly get their skills up! We are already optimized for full speed Logic, Cooking, Mechanical, and now Creativity skills!

    Just wanted to welcome in anybody who is interested in visiting such a lot. Me and the roommates are online quite often; we are located all over the world, from various time zones in the US, Europe, and even Australia. On top of that we strive to be friendly and as helpful as possible! Our objectives now consist of working jobs to directly fund the development on the building and make sure it's a pleasant experience for anyone who visits. We would love to see you there! <3 Find us in the Top 100 for Skill lots, or search for "The Busy Bee".

    Here is an image showcasing the current state of the lot, however consider that we are often expanding and upgrading so it may look different when you stop by!
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    Hi and welcome to Sunrise Crater!
    Love the lot name!

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