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    Going forward this will serve as all information and news regarding The Chalkworks!​

    Looking for roommates that can be on a few hours a day here and there to help out. High cooking for HC and serenade are a big bonus! Duties include tending to guests social needs, cooking and delivering HC to guests booths on request, and roping off guest booths when they need to afk or green.
    Now taking requests for booth personalization. Deco objects, floors, furniture, randomness, whatever you want to make your booth your own within reason :D
    Booth Service - Hungry? Low Energy, Social, Fun? We can serve these needs directly to your booth upon request!
    If you need to step away to afk or green, a roommate can rope off your booth to keep your work safe!
    If you want to use the couples stations just ask! Must be two people!
    The Code rooms are available through the teleporters in the rear hallway.
    Code cheat sheet flowcharts are available on request!
    • RULES
    1. Selling someone else's board is not allowed. This will result in a 2 hr ban and a chat about our community and our policies. After this period of reflection you are welcome to come back and have some fun with us.
    2. We are all friends here. No racism. No bigotry. No misogyny or sexism of any kind. No bullying. The severity of the violation will result in a punishment up to and including a permanent ban.
    3. Have fun and play in the spirit of community and friendship.
    The donor wall is prominently displayed to the left of the lot entrance on roped-off red carpet on theater signage. These brave men, women, bears, aliens, ant-people, and skeletons have given their hard earned simoleans to make Sunrise Crater a better place.

    Donor Levels -
    1k+ - Sim name on the donor wall with amount donated!
    5k+ - Lot name on the donor wall with amount donated!
    10k+ - Lot name on the donor wall with a short ad about the business! I can write this for you if you want!

    "Big-Ass Fishtank" Level Donor Ads -
    "Just like a Phoenix reborn from its ashes, be restored as new at Phoenix Cafe!"
    "Superior mobile technology. Superior logic skilling. Isle of Intel."
    "Grab a burger. Make a friend. Go. Green n Go."

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    We're open! Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful support! Now I'm looking for active roommates! Come on over any time to do some boards, play some code, or just check the place out!
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    Updated into a single masterpost with rules, services, donor wall info, and current events.
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