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    I don't think this really needs an explanation :)
    I've tried to recreate The Sims 1's Newbie house and I think that it's turned out quite well. I've obviously had to use a different floor for the kitchen and different walls for the bathroom but I've tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. It's a perfect re-creation of the house of the Newbie's from The Sims 1 and looks just like it! I used screenshots from the internet to try and create something that would really look like the house.
    Even the object positioning is perfect:
    (Original TS1 screenshot)
    The shade of blue in the bedroom is different because of the shader, I think! If it isn't then it's as close as I could get to the original, sorry :p
    >> Download <<
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    Not bad.
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    Just updated it because a bush was out of place. Link is updated.
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    Yeah it's pretty hard to find things... But I assure you those are (probably) there.
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