The Sims Complete Collection BOXED

Discussion in 'Sims Games' started by Blayer98, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Blayer98

    Blayer98 Active Member

    I'm not sure if it's Europe exclusive, but included with this post is a image of my copy of it!

    I only got it for £10 too! :3

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  2. AquilaSim

    AquilaSim Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Nice, well in France, we have Les Sims L'Integrale(just the same pact of Complete Collection but French version)
    and Les Sims Edition Saint Valentin(Valentines Day Edition, contents : The Sims + The Sims Hot Date)
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  3. Noel

    Noel Member

    I have the complete collection as well but I have the North American Box Art (4 discs and an instruction manual) the_sims_complete_collection_frontcover_small_arLnJ6GXwL7Pf7P.jpg
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  4. HapFreeman

    HapFreeman New Member

    Where did you get it?! In a CEX or something?
  5. Hayden99

    Hayden99 Member

    i have the us version too but one of my disc wont install :(
  6. Noel

    Noel Member

    Im only now seeing this haha, and no I got it for my 8th birthday, 11 years ago. I believe my dad got it from a gamestop back in the day but I may be mistaken :/ unfortunately I have lost interest in the single player experience and have been meaning to sell it on amazon but again. Whos going to buy it? 60 dollar game thats been worn and torn :p
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  7. zc456

    zc456 Well-Known Member

    Damn, that's huge.
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  8. Kadircan

    Kadircan New Member

    I have this one! Its amazing :D
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  9. dennusz1995

    dennusz1995 Active Member

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  10. longliveprose

    longliveprose New Member

    I don't get the deal with "boxed". "Boxed condoms!" Oh, wow, look at that! Those must be very important! Honestly, what I look for is disc condition. There's no point in having a box with no software.
  11. Blayer98

    Blayer98 Active Member

    Same, All discs were in good condition when I got it.
  12. JWofles

    JWofles Active Member

    To be fair, it looks quite nice on my shelf
    I picked up the boxed edition too on ebay a year or so ago, due to me not having all sims 1 games, it was the easiest option for getting all the expansions etc.

    p.s don't judge my sims 2 collection, i've lost a lot of them over the 10+ years :p
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  13. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    I love buying physical copies of my games instead of their digital versions :p
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  14. longliveprose

    longliveprose New Member

    Oh yes, there's no contest, but I would rather have a cardboard and Sharpie box than an unopened, mint box with destroyed CDs.
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  15. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    If you take care ouf your discs they aren't going to get destroyed. Also, games nowadays are in platforms like Steam and Origin, so when you buy the physical copies of your disc you can install them from their respective platform if they stop working.
    The only bad experience i had with buying physical copies was with some of my PS3 games, which got stolen and i couldn't play them anymore :( Even though i had them installed on the console.
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  16. Mindyvolt

    Mindyvolt Member

    Yes me too
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