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Discussion in 'Sims Games' started by aidancheddar, Aug 3, 2014.

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    I've been watching The Sims Supply, along with others, play both TS1, TS2, and when I still played TS3, that too. However, when I watch them play TS1, I notice that it's quite grindy game, once you get past the nostalgia, compared to it's successor, TS2. I'm not saying TS1 is bad because of this, only that it exists. TS2 also has a level grind but it tends to balance itself out more. TSO didn't suffer much from TS1's grind fest, due to the fact that Sims were played by real people. That's why

    Now, I bring this up, because this after I got past the nostalgia. I've been watching Yahtzee Crowshaw and his friend play old video games and replaying games from their childhood only to have nostalgia fuck their originally impressions of whatever game as a kid royally. Now, TS2 isn't TS1, but maybe that's a good thing. As I've been playing TS2: Ultimate and revisiting everything relating to that, my criticisms towards the game have been lowered or scratched entirely. TS2 itself isn't perfect, of course, and there are some features from TS3 I wish were implanted, but it's still fun and it has enough flexibility and variety that it makes up for being a grind fest. Again, this is just a critisim towards TS1, and I'm not saying TS1 is bad because of it being more grind fest then it's successors. I'm just saying, loose the nostalgia blinders. :B

    Granted, this isn't to say all nostalgia is bad either. All of this is a double sword. Research says it can be good rekindle things you liked as a kid. That being said, it can also be used ageist you.
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    TS2 also has a nice sense of reward, imo, such as the Elxir of Life.[​IMG]
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    Based on what I just wrote above, I'm going to re-install The Sims 3, since I have legit versions of it on my Origin account. It isn't my favorite Sims game, at present, but I want to see if I can go at it from an objective point of view, looking past the nostalgia blinders I mentioned earlier, and judge it a bit more fairly.

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