The Sims Online installation stuck at 95%

Discussion in 'Support' started by gnocchibuffero, Mar 20, 2020.

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    I tried installing TSO from the FreeSO launcher and everything runs smoothly until the 95% mark (1210 MB), moment at which the installation gets stuck. I tried downloading the sims online from other sources but the largedownloads link is broken and using the wayback machine does not work because the archive that downloads is broken.

    Can someone help me with how I could fix this problem? I'd really love to play the game get my nostalgia going

    Thanks in advance!
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    There are a few things about the launcher that installations are likely to fail or incomplete because of these following reasons:

    1. The program is not allowed to make changes to the hard drive C: aka access is denied.
    Fix: Right click the icon and run the launcher as an administrator.

    2. An antivirus program has blocked your application from accessing the internet.
    Fix: Disable or temporarily shut down your anti virus software running in background.

    3. As you have said it, download link is broken or suspended due to the main website being down.

    Hope this helps you! :)
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