The Sims Online was programmed in...?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Remixful, Nov 14, 2014.

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    Ok, this might have been mentioned somewhere, but I either don't remember or I'm too blind to notice haha.
    But what language was The Sims Online programmed in? I'm just curious.
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    The Sims Online was made in C++ using Visual Studio 6.0 (we know that it uses MSVC because it has MSVC strings and MSVC-format RTTI, and the LinkerVersion field in the exe header tells us that the version is 6.0; PEiD also confirms that it was Visual C++ 6.0) until EA-Land when they updated to Visual Studio 2005 (since TSOClient.exe in EA-Land links to MSVCR80.DLL).

    You should try out our tool rtti-reader, especially on the EA-Land dlls. It reports the C++ class names that the RTTI in those dlls has information for. It's in the Niotso repository, and you can download a precompiled binary here:
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