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Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by bleach, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. bleach

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    this is a wonderful change to money objects, the dynamic payouts, hats off to the creator for bringing us this. :D:D:D:D:D
    there is a small lingering thing that has plagued these objects, that is the split group thing. with 10 players and 5 each doing two separate things this splits the 'increase' in two. it would be awesome if each sims work was shared with each other so that 10 players could get that group bonus even if doing seprate things. this wouldnt preclude sims from focusing on a single object like a "gnome party" but also wouldnt disadvantage as sim who didnt have the "skills" to do gnomes. the dynamic nature of the payouts makes this an interesting feature that would provide 'real time' feedback to sims seeing how much money each object pays at different sim participation rates.

    also the skill gameplay disabled is a very nice feature it allows a lot less stress for hanging out at lots not having to worry about decay. i feel this same idea could be applied to 'degreen' as well, where sims wouldnt degreen unless their sim is 'engaged in a gainful activity'. this would make lives a lot easier for hosts who usally tend to others needs in addition to their own, and allow people to "visit" places to socialize without having to worry about 'wasting their green' if they are not using a money or skill object.
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    Interesting idea, I think it's important to be careful about not making the game too less challenging, and making too many things easier. Green free days/weekends/holidays may be in the future, though.
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  3. bleach

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    Not sure if its an issue of less challening, more of facilitating group work that I think could be less hindered when ppl lack the requisite skills to do a "object of the day" kind of thing, which this update has done A LOT to support in that regard. Allowing us sims to do things together like typewriters, pinatas, as a group is important to build the community. I think allowing sims to do 'whatever' skill they have but could also benefit from other sims doing different objects, would be a really good thing! Would help any random visitors who may be missing out on people doing gnomes but have no mech, people doing potions but have no logic. When we have done these things together, it brang back all kinds of memories that have been missing.
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